Nisyst provides purr-fect solution for cats protection

Animal charity, Cats Protection, rolled out Nisyst’s ‘CHARiot’ charity sector EPoS system to all 72 of its shops.


Headquartered in Sussex, the charity had never previously collected Gift Aid on donated items and wanted to introduce a simple to operate EPoS system that would help increase revenues through Gift Aid and provide accurate management information.


A successful trial carried out in six shops of varying sizes and locations led to a phased roll out. Half the charity’s retail network was converted to CHARiot within the first six months and helped raise a significant amount in Gift Aid revenues during this time from a standing start.


Key Features


• Tailored software to meet the charity’s specific needs

• Successfully rolled out nationally to shops of varying sizes

• Training programme and train mode ensures staff and volunteers are confident in using the system

• A significant amount of Gift Aid revenue was collected within the first six months of the phased roll out

• Gift Aid sign ups have helped build a supporter database

• Trading patterns data has helped with staff planning

• Sales statistics have aided planning of donation appeals


Nisyst worked closely with Cats Protection to tailor the software to meet the charity’s specific needs and provided training for both back office personnel and the teams of staff and volunteers in the shops. Nisyst’s training team delivered the training for each phase in partnership with Cats Protection’s project manager, Pat Tisdale, ensuring each session combined an understanding of the system with operational knowledge.


Nisyst has also provided helpline support for each shop following installation.


Vicki Burnett, retail and trading manager at Cats Protection explains: “We have shops across the whole of the UK, from Truro to Orkney so we needed a supplier that would be there to support our shop staff and volunteers at installation, through training and on the end of a phone thereafter. Nisyst offered that high level of service commitment along with a system that meets all our needs.”


Not only has the system proved popular with staff and volunteers in the charity’s shops, it has also delivered useful management benefits for Cats Protection.


Vicki continues: “Recruiting Gift Aid donors means that we have been able to establish a database that we can contact for appeals for donations or other support.


“We have also been able to use the varied management information the system offers us, from tracking our busiest times so that we can plan staffing to identifying what type of donations sell best where.


“The roll out went very smoothly and the benefits in terms of both revenue and management systems are already clear.”