3 signs your charity has outgrown its EPoS system

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Choosing the right EPoS system is a big decision for any charity. Gone are the days of manual cash registers; the world of retail is increasingly digital. And your EPoS is now the central hub for most of your operations.


Between providing a premium customer service and helping to make the most of revenue like Gift Aid, your EPoS solution does a lot of heavy lifting. So it’s not surprising that some charities might be hesitant to change it. They might have used the same one for a decade because it’s familiar and serviceable. The thought of training staff and volunteers on something new feels overwhelming, not to mention the investment to buy it.


But switching systems could unlock so much extra efficiency, revenue, and opportunity for your charity. We’re at a point where technology is changing fast and charity retail is experiencing seismic shifts. The last thing you want is a disjointed or outdated system to hold you back.


Here are three telltale signs it’s time to explore new options.


You’re patching together multiple solutions

The whole point of an EPoS system is to make your life easier, not harder. You shouldn’t have to patch together multiple systems to make up for the fact your current solution no longer suits your needs.


Combining multiple systems only complicates the process for your team. If your volunteers have to use one for putting through a customer’s purchase and another to handle the Gift Aid, that’s taking them unnecessary extra time. This effect on your staff ripples into your customer experience. It’s slower for them, and can’t compete with the efficiency of a for-profit retail store.


This is without delving into the impact on volunteers who might be older or live with a disability. Don’t settle for a disjointed experience. If your EPoS system is becoming more of a hassle as time goes on, take it as a sign to look elsewhere. 


There’s no capacity to grow

The changes we’re seeing in the charity sector are exciting. In the first half of 2021, there was a 185% increase in online sales. Cashless donations became far more common in 2020 and 2021, and it’s a trend that’s predicted to stick around post-pandemic too.


It’s great to see the sector following wider retail’s lead and embracing digital transformation. But with the wrong EPoS system in place, this excitement can lead to fear and hesitation.


Can our system support this push towards online sales? Will we be able to stay competitive without them?


If your functionality (or lack thereof) is making you dread future trends, it’s a good time to start exploring your options. Consider something that’s going to grow with you. Something that, if you need it to, can add new features when you’re ready for them. It allows you to stay agile and provide a better service when you can.


Your revenue is suffering

At the very least, your EPoS system should help you collect as much revenue for your cause as possible. So if your revenue is hitting a snag because of it, it’s probably time to start shopping around.


Perhaps you’re missing out on critical Gift Aid revenue as sign-ups are too easily missed at the till point. Or till errors are adding up across your sites, leading to some significant losses. If you believe your charity’s revenue could be stronger with a different, more intuitive system, it’ll be better to start the search sooner rather than later.


Your charity relies on its EPoS for so many of its core operations. And while it might feel overwhelming to replace such a key part of your operation, doing so will quickly unlock extra productivity, time, revenue, and opportunities for expansion. It’ll put you in a far better position to get ahead.


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