4 benefits of live reporting that your charity needs

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All your charity wants to do is make a difference in the world. Whether your cause is here at home or all around the world, you want to secure the money you need to help in any way you can. To do that, you need to know you’re making all the right decisions. Every choice made – be it by the head-office team or volunteers in the shops – becomes far easier when you have some reliable data right at your fingertips.

Live reporting constantly collects valuable data for you – including sales, inventory orders, stock levels, Gift Aid, and customer information. And it compiles it all into one easily accessible interface. Let’s take a closer look at how this can be a huge boost for your charity.

Real-time decisions

When you need to make urgent decisions, the last thing you want to do is wait until the end of the day to access relevant information. Not only can this slow operations down, but sometimes decisions need to be made here and now when time isn’t on your side. 

Live reporting means your data is constantly being refreshed every few minutes. It’s made even better if you can access the interface from anywhere, at any time. When you have that information in front of you, it helps you feel more confident in the decisions you make.

Whether it’s deciding on a shop floor move, requesting new stock, or pivoting your marketing, real-time reporting gives you the power to drive growth and ensure maximum profitability.

See what you need to see

Different roles demand different insights. Someone in charge of marketing would likely benefit from a wide variety of customer information. On the other hand, someone in charge of stock requests is going to find this distracting from the stock data that’s important to them.

To solve this, configurable dashboards allow your users to customise the data they do or don’t see, saving their time and attention for what really matters.

Managing stock

Item wastage can be a big barrier to profit for your business. Yes, you might be selling lots of one category (say, books), but if you’re unaware of all the CDs and DVDs you’re building up, and more keep coming in, you aren’t maximising the money you could make.

Live reporting keeps you fully aware of what items you’re selling, what you’ve got in your shops, and what deliveries you can expect over the coming days/weeks. This higher level of visibility helps your team’s notice where they can tweak stock requests or introduce sales and promotions to shift some of the excess.

Understanding your customers

80% of people would prefer personalised shopping experiences. While 52% are likely to shop elsewhere if a company doesn’t personalise their messaging. 

Live reporting helps you understand your customers’ behaviour in a more insightful way. Your sales, promotions, marketing efforts, and online/offline split will all improve when you have a deeper understanding of your customers.

Say you send out a personalised email about a special sale you’re having. And you see that sales numbers shoot up for a certain demographic. Well now you have data about what works for certain groups, allowing you to further refine the experience for them.

Live reporting is something we’re proud to offer in our new CHARiot Web EPoS solution. This new, cloud-based system can provide you with more flexibility, productivity, and visualisation than ever before. Elevate your charity operations and work harder for your customers and cause today.

Interested to hear more about CHARiot Web and how it can take your charity to the next level? Come to the Nisyst stand at CRA’s 2021 conference on the 9th and 10th of September. Or reach out to us on 01204 706 000 for more information.