4 problems a charity retail manager might face – and how to solve them

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The general public only sees one side of charities. The side that has shops on our streets, fundraisers in our communities, and adverts on our TVs. But behind all of that, as you know, is an intricate machine that keeps everything running.


If you’re a charity retail area manager, you know all too well what it takes to ensure shops have the support they need. And you likely know where aspects could be better. So what are some of the issues you might be running into – and how do you solve them?


Lack of oversight

The more you have to oversee, the more important it is to be able to see the bigger picture. But with so many moving pieces, it can be hard to keep track. Each store has its own volunteers, stock, and set of problems. And you have to juggle them all. If you don’t have the right level of oversight, you can’t know what fires need putting out and where.


How can you fix this? With customisable oversight that suits your specific needs. A static solution doesn’t always answer your questions. But a versatile dashboard that gives you all the information you want, when you want it to? That’s a more flexible approach to oversight. Even better if it fits around your lifestyle. You want something that’s accessible in the office, at home, and on the move. This gives you complete oversight at all times over aspects such as stock levels, staff numbers, and income.


Losing out on donations

Speaking of income, you want to ensure your charity shops are bringing in as much support as they can. But it can be hard to do without seeming pushy or inconveniencing people. How can you maximise Gift Aid revenue if it’s a slow, laborious process? Hundreds of millions of pounds in Gift Aid is missed by charities. Or how can you foster donor loyalty if it takes forever to donate to you?


The solution? Find a way to make these processes easier. Anyway to automate them is a plus. Instead of struggling with each new Gift Aid claim, implement it as a seamless part of the donation process. Scanned Gift Aid declarations take some of the hassle out of the administrative side too. If your EPoS is mobile, you can take it around the store and avoid any unnecessary queues. This can all make bringing in donations quicker and easier.


No support for your staff and volunteers

You trust your staff and volunteers to do their best. But how can they do this if everything is working to slow them down? If your EPoS is unintuitive, it can make learning it almost impossible for new starters. And if something breaks, what are they supposed to do?


The key to fixing this is making sure they have the support they need. If something breaks, it helps to have year-round support. When you have new volunteers, you want to know that the systems they have to use are designed with them in mind, with extra training available if you need it. The easier you can make their lives, the more money you can bring in for your cause.


Outdated technology

What’s at the heart of each of these issues so far? Outdated tech. If your system isn’t built with the needs of the modern charity sector, you can’t run at maximum efficiency. When you have frequent breaks, no support to fix them, and frustrated staff who have to deal with it, it all adds up.


The prospect of upgrading your EPoS technology across your entire charity might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. SaaS is a great solution when you’re looking to make a change. Instead of that upfront cost, you get everything in one simple monthly package. And since it’s up-to-date tech, you also benefit from the best cyber protection you can get.


Don’t let your role as a charity retail area manager cause undue stress. By working across departments, you can find a solution that’s perfect for your needs. One that provides complete oversight, maximises donation opportunities, supports your staff and volunteers, and keeps your charity safe.


If you want a solution capable of all that – and so much more – reach out to our team today. Our CHARiotWeb EPoS system is the culmination of over 15 years in the charity sector. To find out more, call us on 01204 706000.