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Our work is dedicated to helping charities maximise Gift Aid income so the statistics revealing that charities collectively claimed £1.26 billion in 2015 was welcome news.

In addition, 2015 marked a record number of more than 70,000 charities reclaiming Gift Aid. However, despite the 20% intake increase compared to five years ago, the sum is still less than a half of the total available.

The key to the problem is that not all Gift Aid that has been given is actually reclaimed by the charity. For those struggling to keep up with the administrative burden and hence missing the donations, we once again want to encourage then to make most of our CHARiot system. CHARiot warrants that Gift Aid is captured at every transaction by scanning the barcode.

It is a simple charity EPoS system, allowing you to keep 100% of your Gift Aid revenue. Since establishing the software in 2007, we’ve been working with customers to build on our system and 2016 saw us introduce new features including:

  • – Furniture Collection & Delivery Module, an integrated and centralised digital planner enabling staff and volunteers to efficiently organise transportation for large scale second-hand goods
  • – Gift Aid on Rag (GAoR) Solution – an HMRC recognised route to collecting the full 25%* of the sale price in Gift Aid on items marked as rag
  • – Mobile Dashboard – Interactive Dashboard with the option to add the Mobile Dashboard function, which can be accessed from a PC, tablet or phone.
  • – Cloud Hosting – Full-service Managed Hosting platform for all our CHARiot customers – overseeing the technical monitoring, maintenance and administration of your server,