As discussed in one of our previous blogs Alternative Online Donation Platforms for Charities, the digital world is a huge part of our daily lives and is one of the main forms of communication. As digitization increases, companies are constantly growing due to developments in technology which allows them to produce more innovative concepts for the charity sector.

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The expansions in the digital world further create the need for digital learning. As advancements in ways to fund raise, connecting with the public and the main source of how charities receive donations continue to change, the charity sector needs to learn and develop simultaneously. Clear Lessons Foundation have recently launched a new digital platform which provides free video learning resources for UK charity workers and volunteers.

What is Digital Learning?

Digital Learning is any type of learning that uses technology or any practice that effectively uses technology in some way, which has disrupted conventional learning techniques and methods. Digital Learning technologies allow for more efficient, flexible, and varied learning. With techniques such as video learning, simulations, and visual aids, learning becomes more effective with instant feedback and the ability to carry it out anytime, anywhere.

How Will the New Platform Help Charity Workers?

In response to the move towards digital learning, the new digital platform developed by Clear Lessons Foundation, aims to increase the flexibility of learning and development opportunities for charity workers. With skills gaps in areas such as marketing, planning and HR, charities are lacking in time and resources when it comes to learning and development. The new digital learning platform provides an accommodating alternative for the future of learning and development for charities and aids in closing the skills gap.

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What Will the New Platform Include?

The digital platform provides over 1,200 free-to-access video-only concepts for the current charity workers and volunteers in the UK. The videos cover a range of topics, including a variety of identified skills gaps such as marketing, fundraising, social media, and management.

The accessibility to the content allows charity workers to access the videos anytime, anywhere. It also allows for a more personal and flexible way of learning. Videos on practical tips, best practice advice, and shared knowledge can be found, allowing charity workers to choose which topic to educate themselves on based on their development needs.

What Does the Digital Learning Platform Hope to Achieve?

The effect of this type of learning allows for instant learning results which can be applied directly to the workplace. As charities continue to contribute and make changes to our society, some of the pressures on learning and development for individual charities can be reduced. The free help allows charity workers to gain skills and develop as individuals as they continue to work hard to better the lives of those less fortunate.


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