How can SaaS technology change your charity for the better?

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The world of technology is constantly changing. And one advancement that’s dominated recent years is the concept of ‘Software as a Service’ – or SaaS for short. SaaS technology is on-demand software you pay for through a monthly subscription, and is often cloud-based.


The annual growth rate of the SaaS industry is projected to surpass 17% in 2022, as more and more organisations recognise the significant benefits of the technology. But what exactly can SaaS do for charity retailers like you?


Reduce your spending

One of the main benefits of SaaS technology is more affordable, flexible costs. Instead of splashing large amounts of cash in one go for all-new hardware and software, SaaS allows you to spread the cost as operational expenses. 

This makes fresh technology and systems more accessible to all charities, as they can avoid extensive upfront costs. But it also eliminates the risk of sudden capital expenditure. For example, if an aged PoS was to suddenly stop working. 

As you’re often paying for a complete service with a SaaS model, you just keep paying the same monthly fee, no matter what maintenance, replacements, or upgrades you need. This benefit is especially important when so many charities are still playing catch up after years of operational and financial hardship. 


Save your time

With Saas technology, your monthly payments will often cover technical support and maintenance. This means any issues with the system will be picked up and dealt with by an experienced third-party team.

With this, you avoid the risk of major issues going unnoticed, causing forced downtime. You get the best of both worlds: constant monitoring and optimisation while your internal team is free to focus on driving more money to your cause.

And since it’s on the cloud, you get regular updates and technical fixes. These can happen virtually, causing no wasted time for your charity, while ensuring you’re always operating as securely as possible. 26% of charities reported cyber attacks in 2020/21, highlighting just how important it is to stay updated.


Innovation and scalability

Large investment in technology or systems can leave you hesitant to upgrade or change your solutions. After all, you want to secure the very best return on your investment. But this can put you at a disadvantage, leaving you lagging behind others in the sector.

This is why SaaS’s easy scalability is a welcomed addition. Rather than needing to invest in a whole new solution, you can evolve and grow your solution alongside your business. For example, an EPoS system that allows you to add online sales functionality to trial the new revenue stream.

With the third sector evolving rapidly, you want solutions that allow you to keep up. Saving you time, money, and allowing you to innovate and scale quicker, SaaS is a powerful solution for any charity retailer wanting to boost their long-term success and resilience.

CHARiotWeb is a SaaS designed with charities in mind. Our powerful, cloud-based retail system involves a feature-rich, easy-to-use till interface that grows with you, cybersecurity support, and ongoing maintenance and technical support – all in one easy package. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch on 01204 706 000.