How tech can help you maintain brand loyalty

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A company is nothing without its customers. No matter the business, customer loyalty is always one of the most important factors. You want to deliver a service that keeps them coming back again and again. You want them to look at your brand and believe in it. For a charity with a cause to support, that brand loyalty takes on a whole new level of importance.

In our modern world, we have more ways than ever to ensure our customers have the experience they deserve. By making their time with us easier and more enjoyable, we give them more than enough reason to come back again. And technology has been a huge boost in this pursuit. So how exactly can you use tech to push your brand loyalty even further?

Benefits of loyal customers

First, let’s look at just how much of a difference loyal customers can make. The biggest benefit for most businesses is in their revenue and savings. Increasing customer retention by just 5% boosts profits by 25%. But bringing up a new prospect to the same level as a loyal customer can cost 16 times more.

So keeping a strong relationship with your customers can save a lot of money. And considering 57% of consumers spend more on brands they’re loyal to, it’s well worth your time trying to nurture those relationships. Now we’ve covered the why, let’s look at the how…

Social media and blogs

Social media is a simple but extremely effective way to keep customers loyal and also drive brand awareness. And you can use it in so many ways. You can post tips, how-to guides, funny or interesting content, or whatever you think is relevant to your customers. It allows you to open up a casual dialogue with them without necessarily pushing an agenda on them – it’s a more subtle approach. Social media is a great way to be present at all times, making an impression in their mind and reminding them you’re there.

For existing patrons, it allows you to stay at the forefront of their mind and keep them in the loop about any news. If they’re willing to support you in other ways, they’ll probably gladly do it on social media, too. It can also signal boost your message, reaching out to others in their network.

Similarly, blogs give you the perfect opportunity to provide your customers, just with a more long-form twist. With at least 500 words to work with, you have a lot more space to drive into your message. You can also see what your customers respond to and then create content that gets more clicks, all while establishing a stronger, more personal relationship with them.


A longtime favourite of any brand that strives for customer loyalty, emails are brilliant for keeping you on their mind. And it’s so easy to add a personal touch. Simply adding the customer’s name to the email can make them 26% more likely to open it

It’s always a great idea to let customers choose how frequently they receive emails, too. Some people might prefer daily while some prefer monthly. Allowing them to set the frequency for themselves stops them from frustratingly unsubscribing when they feel like they receive too many. Newsletters are one example of how you can reach out on a constant basis without coming across as intrusive. It’s a great way to summarise what you’ve been up to recently and include calls to action to push certain campaigns or charity drives.

Thank-you letters

Building on that idea, you can add a personal touch with thank-you letters. We understand how important it is for your charity to keep your customers happy and loyal. With just a few clicks, your charity can set up personalised thank you emails to be automatically sent to your customers to thank them for signing up, donating money, or making bag drops. Thank-you letters can be personalised to add images, text, and more to better suit your charity’s needs.

Customers love to feel appreciated. And thank-you letters are a hassle-free way to brighten their day and strengthen their relationship with your charity. It’s just one way you can go the extra mile to increase brand loyalty and show people you care about them as much as they do about your cause.

Our CHARiot EPoS system is constantly updating to ensure your loyal donors get the treatment they deserve. Thank-you letters are just one such improvement; how else can we make your experience that much better? Let us know at [email protected].