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We know that this is always going to be the case, especially when your favourite charity shop swaps its usual system to a charity epos system.

This is kind of a trick question really; of course buying from a charity is shop is better! Below we’ve listed the three best reasons to go charity as opposed to the original shops.


We give you the best reason for any shopping experience. There are entire shops that are filled with mountains of cheap clothes!

Cheap clothes that you can use for anything and everything, including but not restricted to:

Every day,
Dress-up times
Part PJ days

The clothes you find in a charity shop are usually the ones that you get questioned about most, people looking impressed as you twirl round and round. The best part is that you probably paid under a fiver for it and no one ever has to know, or be able to own a replica!

Designer finds

Certain charity shops hold a lot more of these finds than you’d ever expect! Find out more on our blog, Boutique Charity Shops!

If you’re on a day out in London and you want to shop designer with a smaller budget, go round the corners of Oxford Street or Sloane Square to find the charity shops!

It will mostly be last season’s goods, but they will be beautiful and no one will blame you for going absolutely mental and spending more than you have.

Giving back

Lastly, charity shopping it all about giving back to the local community, whilst getting all those extra clothes that you probably didn’t need what so ever but will now look amazing!

Secondly, you won’t only be giving back to your community, you will also be giving to those who are less fortunate and need your aid!

Gift aid is the best thing ever. You give your own money, and then the tax office has to pay too! It’s a brilliant way to give a little extra without really having to do much on your part other than fill out a short form and tick a box!

So, you can now agree with us that these shops are the best type in todays world where you can buy all the clothes you want whilst giving back!

If you’re currently running a charity shop and want one of our charity epos systems, then please contact us today for a demo!