Is it time for a fresh approach to charity retail?

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The charity retail sector today is vastly different to what it was B.C. (Before COVID). We’ve all realised just how quickly the world as we know it can change, and how vulnerable charities in particular are to these massive shifts.


The charity sector has declined at a compound annual rate of 2.7% over the five years through 2021-22, dropping to £49.4 billion. And even as gradual recovery and progress is made, we’re still a long way off from pre-pandemic momentum. In November 2020, 69% of charities predicted it would take more than twelve months to reach pre-crisis income levels. And 29% thought it could take over two years to do so. And that’s even before we entered the early 2021 extended lockdown.


As the industry continues to evolve, it’s important that charities are open and able to change alongside. Otherwise, they run the risk of being left behind. Which is why we’ve developed CHARiotWeb. We think there should be a solution that better serves the charity retail sector and helps you keep up with emerging trends and industry changes. So how can it help you start 2022 right?


Flexible payment options


One of the biggest impacts of COVID on the charity sector was financial. Shops shut down, large-scale fundraising events were cancelled or postponed, and income and donations became few and far between. It’s understandable why organisations never want to be in this touch-and-go situation ever again.


Hence why we want CHARiotWeb to add greater flexibility and reduced financial burden to your charity. Available as CAPEX or a monthly subscription model, charities can spend the money if they’ve got it, or spread the cost if they don’t. This gives extra peace of mind that you’re always covered and won’t have any surprise extra fees.


Having your software, hardware, operational support, and cyber security in an all-inclusive package gives you one less worry when you’re trying to grow your charity in the post-pandemic landscape.


A customisable, growable solution


Much like the charity sector as a whole has evolved, your individual charity will have grown in countless ways in response to challenging times. You might be diversifying your revenue streams, looking at alternative ways to bring in the necessary income. If so, you need to consider whether your existing systems will be able to support this growth.


With CHARiotWeb, when a charity chooses to expand into new areas, any new functionality is covered under their existing arrangement. Meaning no extra fees for new features or implementation costs. It’s never been easier to trial new activities or income streams. We empower you to introduce new modules as you grow and evolve to constantly tailor your system towards the individual needs of your shops.


Forward-thinking support


While we’re all hoping for some more stability, change is always going to be around the corner. Even though it might not be as sudden or extreme as a global pandemic, the sector will keep reinventing itself. And you want the kind of support that will help you keep your finger on the pulse, ready for whatever is thrown your way.


Our dedicated development team ensures the CHARiotWeb software continues to meet changing market conditions. Regularly introducing new features and software updates, you benefit from peace of mind that you’re growing alongside the wider industry, not against it. And that you can grow in an affordable, resilient way that doesn’t increase your risk or outgoings.


It’s time we stop viewing COVID recovery as returning to a previous moment in time. Instead, let’s view this as a wonderful opportunity to reimagine what charity retail could and should look like. Is it time for a shake-up in your charity?


We understand the immense pressure charities are under to build back momentum post-COVID. And this formed the backbone of our approach to building CHARiotWeb, a cloud-based EPoS system that’s feature-rich and fully flexible. If you’d like more information, or would like to book a demo, get in touch on 01204 706 000.