When you’re looking for a supplier of any kind, how do you make an informed decision between one company and another?

Chances are that several companies will claim to have comparable products along with similar levels of customer service and technical support, which can make it hard to know which one to trust.

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For Nisyst, customer recommendation and referrals have helped generate rapid growth because, in a close-knit sector like charity retail, endorsement from a charity that is already using the product and benefiting from our commitment to customer service is the best business development tool available.

Independent endorsement is still critical, however, it not only helps to generate confidence amongst both existing and potential customers, but also builds a company’s reputation amongst the whole supply chain.

ISO accreditations provide a very credible independent endorsement, identifying key areas where the company you’re working with has met stringent standards and worked hard to achieve excellence.

They also demonstrate a company’s commitment to continuous improvement because certification is a complex process that takes time and involves a financial investment.

What’s more, the process does not end at certification but continues through successive audits, requiring the certified company to maintain and improve standards over a number of years.

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For Nisyst, becoming the one of the first EPoS specialists in the charity retail sector to achieve both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification is a clear statement of our commitment to raising standards within our marketplace.

Our customers trust us to offer them market-leading technology, excellent customer service and expert technical support and the ISO accreditations confirm that their confidence is well placed.