Get to know: Mick Crane

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At Nisyst, our customer needs are at the core of what we do. Providing them with the support and training to use ChariotWeb to the fullest is just one way we help customers achieve their goals while successfully building and maintaining relationships along the way. 


Mick Crane, Training Lead for Nisyst, supports our customers on the ChariotWeb system.


Get to know more about Mick with our Q&A. 


Q: What was your career experience prior to Nisyst? 

A: I joined the Royal Air Force at 18 years of age and served for 6 years as a Radar Engineer. I then spent over 30 years working for a global printing solutions provider, in various roles. This includes, Training Specialist, running face-to-face and online training courses.  


Q: Why did you decide to join Nisyst? 

A: It was definitely the people. When I came for the job interview, everyone I met seemed so friendly and helpful, even when I was asked challenging questions. When I started at Nisyst, my first impressions were proven to be spot on; the management and staff were all friendly, supportive and always ready to help.  


Q: What interests you about the charity sector? 

A: I used to think charity shops were nice little shops run by well-meaning volunteers, raising a bit of extra cash for a good cause. But when I joined Nisyst it was a real eye opener. I was amazed at how professional charity shops are run and how much revenue can be generated, particularly through Gift Aid. I find it extremely rewarding teaching people how to get the most out of the ChariotWeb system so they can maximise the money raised for their good causes. 


Q: What does your role at Nisyst entail? 

A: My job is to train new and existing customers on the ChariotWeb system, whether that is through face-to-face sessions with the tills in store, or online Teams sessions for head office staff. I am also responsible for creating and updating ChariotWeb product guides and manuals. 


Q: What have been your highlights at Nisyst and what do you enjoy most about your role? 

A: We recently did a rollout of the ChariotWeb system for a large national charity, which involved multiple online sessions and face-to-face store manager training courses from Dundee to London. I particularly enjoy the in-person till training sessions, meeting the store staff and helping them get to grips with the ChariotWeb system.   


Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of work? 

A:  I am a huge fan of Bury FC and have been watching them for over 50 years. The past few years have not been good, though things are now looking up. It’s great to see them playing back at our Gigg Lane stadium, in tier 9 of the football pyramid in front of 5,000 fans. 


I also enjoy mountain biking and I play the guitar. For many years I have been playing the guitar for my own entertainment, but earlier this year a friend persuaded me to join her at an open acoustic night that she organises at my local pub. I enjoyed belting out my first song (Gudbuy t’ Jane by Slade) and I received a huge round of applause and some really nice comments!