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If your charity runs an in-house lottery, did you know you can integrate your fundraising and retail operations in a single interface, thanks to our innovative CHARiot EPoS system!

One of the main benefits of the lottery functionality is that it can maximise income and generate an uplift in ticket sales and revenue. For example, it helped St Peter’s Hospice in Bristol raise an additional £17,234 from its charity lottery in just 32 weeks.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Age check

CHARiot will prompt an age check, to ensure you stay within the law.

Step 2: Postcode lookup

Record customers’ details quickly and easily with the postcode lookup feature.

Step 3: Entry selection

The ticket automatically links to the lottery services that will make the draw.

Step 3: Ways to play

Customers can choose one-off play or multi plays over future draws.

Step 4: Print ticket

Your customers’ ticket and number allocation will print out on their receipt.

Step 5: Notify winner

This is the fun part – letting the lucky ticket holder know that they’re a winner!

The innovative Gift Aid module within our CHARiot EPoS system ensures that charities receive exactly the right amount of tax back from HMRC. Charity Retail Systems lottery module allows staff to sell lottery tickets with just a few simple keystrokes. It also fully integrates with back office systems to ensure quick and easy reporting and with full Android and iOS functionality, you can check the impact of lottery sales on your revenue wherever you are.

Because the CHARiot EPoS lottery function isn’t internet-reliant, you can keep selling tickets right up to the lottery cut off. And with seamless links to lottery providers and features like single and multi-play, combining retail with lottery offers an attractive way for your customers to play whilst they make a purchase.

The system is easy to use for both staff and volunteers who are EPoS trained. You can select the stores where you wish to implement the lottery function and enjoy increased revenue from lottery sales. Best of all, the module offers all the ease of use you enjoy from the retail CHARiot function and the upgrade will not impact on the day-to-day running of your stores.

If you’re interested in implementing the CHARiot lottery Function, please contact us to book a demo.