In general, retail stores are designed in a very specific way in order to increase foot traffic and boost sales. This isn’t any different when it comes to charity retail stores. The interior and layout of your store is one of the best ways to do two very important things; encourage people to spend money and persuade them to return.

Want to attract more customers to your charity store? Looking to encourage more browsing? Trying to find ways to get more sales through the checkout system? Keep on reading…

Town Shopping

Your Windows are Really Important

Your windows are your first opportunity to get people into your store; therefore it’s really important that you have the best display. This is the first time that potential customers will get to see your business – first impressions matter. It’s pretty simple; if they see something they like, they will come into the shop. You should make sure that you put your best stock in your window and make sure that it’s seasonal. Valentine’s Day? Christmas? Theme your window displays around the time of year as this will attract more people. We think that window displays should be simple but stylish, as well as modern and attractive.

Think About the Flow of Your Store for the Customers

It’s important that your store offers customers a smooth flow throughout – it needs to be well organised. A winning store is one that allows them to enter at the front and then encourages them to walk to the other end.

Firstly, we recommend that you don’t clutter your entrance area with shelves and promotions. Your customers need space to take in the layout of the store and decide if they want to venture inside. You don’t want to intimidate your customers before they have even got through the day. Secondly, it’s essential that your store offers the room to shop – such as wide aisles.

brand new interior of cloth store

Place Your Items at Eye Level

It’s important that your goods are in a place that has good visibility for your customers. If they can’t see or reach an item, it’s likely that they will just move on and abandon it. In fact, we would go as far as saying that shopper’s only look at eye level goods – putting anything higher is a mistake. Therefore, you should place all your high value items in places that have good visibility. If you’re worried about security, take advantage of locked display cases.

Don’t Forget Add on Sales by the Till

The checkouts are the last chance you get to persuade people to purchase more items, often referred to as add on sales. This is where people will be waiting to get served and it’s likely that their attention will be on whatever is around them. Take advantage of this by placing items around this area. We suggest low value items that grab attention, don’t cost too much money and make people believe that they definitely need it. For example, clothing stores will often place items like bobbles, clips and makeup items around this area.

Store clerk serving purchaser

If you’re looking for an EPoS system that is perfect for your charity store, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our charity retail systems are an important addition to your business, helping you turn your store into a success.

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