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Many modern charities invest in digital technology to ensure their impact on their audience is maximised. Social media is typically chosen as the platform to drive people to donate, which companies like Facebook and charities alike are taking advantage of to reach a wider audience.

Facebook’s Non-Profit Fundraising Tools

According to the company, having people mobilise for the causes that they care about allows for the creation of a supportive and a safe community. Through their new fundraising tools that have been launched throughout both the UK and 15 other European countries, millions of pounds have already been raised for charities that help those in need.

These Charitable Giving tools add a donate button on the charity’s Facebook page, allowing for people to quickly donate without having to leave Facebook itself. Supporters can easily tap a button on posts, too, which you can add with a few simple clicks.

In addition, other people can also raise money for your charity on Facebook. Supporters can set up a page dedicated to your charity in which they share your story and raise money. Whenever there is a donation, people are prompted to share it and help spread the word. Both shares and re-shares have the donate button for an easy donation straight from the News Feed.

Live video fundraisers are now also possible with a donate button that people can tap during the video. From concerts to informal tours around your organisations, you can choose how to better present your story.

We Make Change’s Social Network for Social Change

The NGO, We Make Change, is developing the world’s first social network to drive global social change. They believe that young people can be the force behind positive change in the world and, as such, young people from 12 different countries have come together to launch a ‘digital revolution’.

James Sancto, Co-Founder and CEO, has stated that “we are part of the most connected generation ever, yet, on the news we see so many problems being faced across the world that we feel helpless to do anything about.

We believe that by harnessing the power of technology we can address these challenges by enabling anyone, anywhere, to contribute what they can to help solve them.

“As the first generation that can end extreme poverty and the last that can address climate change, now is our moment to make this happen. That is why we believe We Make Change can play an important role in enabling our generation to create the greatest positive change the world has ever seen.”

The organisation believes that the millennial generation is the first to have not only the drive and the desire to make a change but also the technology that allows for the creation of a global web of change.

crowdfunding campaign was launched on 5th September, on the International Day of Charity, to raise a minimum of £50,000 that will help to fund the platform that will be launched in 2018 and to help the organisation reach a wide range of people and charities.

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