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With Christmas approaching, more people are freeing up their time to volunteer. However, you may find that despite the festive rise in volunteers, soon those numbers will dwindle once again.

Here at Charity Retail Systems we realise that a volunteer shouldn’t just be for Christmas. But, how do you keep volunteers coming back past the generosity that the festive season provides?

Say Thank You

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Appreciation can be one of the best ways to help retain your volunteers. This can involve a simple thank you in person, a card or even a mention in the charity newsletter for particularly hard working volunteers.

Give Rewards

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Motivation comes in many forms for different people. Some thrive on doing a good job, others love competition or rewards. Are your volunteers engaging and great at championing your charity? Sending a volunteer to a charity event as a representative can be seen as a great reward and opportunity for them to use their talents.

On the other hand, someone else might be best rewarded with a small present. Even something as small as a badge acknowledging different achievements can motivate volunteers.

Some may say that working for charity is a reward in itself. But, you should always acknowledge that people give up their valuable time to volunteer.


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Many people who volunteer in charity shops are elderly, have entered retirement and are looking  to make most of their time. A large part of this is their wish to socialise with likeminded people. Organising events to give your volunteers an opportunity to meet and greet will be greatly appreciated by those hoping to make friends.

Grow the Roles

Of course, a great motivational factor could be an opportunity for volunteers to take on more responsibility. Seeing the opportunity for growth can inspire volunteers and make them want to stay on past the holiday season.

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