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3 questions to ask yourself ready for the new year

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Everyone is gearing up for the new year. It’s a time of change and transition, and the preparation for what 2023 will be for you needs to be happening now. We’ve likely all heard the stories that are going to impact the next year: the cost-of-living crisis, the effect that has on donations, and potential staff shortages. So now is the time to consider how you’re going to tackle those issues.


To take on 2023 in style, you need to show resilience and be ready to adapt to any challenges. But figuring out where to start can be tricky. So let us help you. We have 3 key questions you should ask yourself to get your charity (and mind) ready for the new year.


“When was the last time I did a tech audit?”

We’re going to focus on your technology here, but now is a good time for an all-encompassing audit. Effectively, what you’re doing is looking at where you are now, what works, what doesn’t work, and how that will impact you being where you want to be.


For example, taking the cost-of-living crisis as a jumping-off point, you might find that your current main sources of income will be greatly affected. So this audit of your income streams allows you to pivot ready for 2023 and look for alternatives.


Going back to technology, this means looking at the systems you have in place and how they are hurting you. Is your data siloed off in too many separate systems? Is your EPoS solution eating into your volunteers’ time? Can you see live reporting on the go?


And don’t forget to ask the staff and volunteers who use this tech daily. They’ll have a more detailed insight into what needs fixing. Then, with this analysis, you can look to prioritise whatever needs attending too first. You might decide that efficiency in your charity shops is lower than it could be because of your EPoS. So that would be where you start. That’s the benefit of an audit and there’s no better time to do it than now.


“How will we retain donors?”

We mentioned this right at the beginning, and with good reason. This is going to be one of – if not the – most important questions for charities in 2023. The cost-of-giving crisis is what many people are calling the impending drop in donations. As donors face rising costs in their own lives, they have less money that they can give to you.


But while asking what new income streams you can look at is crucial, so too is how you hold onto those long-term donors. And there are ways to do it. One option could be to let them know that you value their support no matter what it is. Why not push for £1 donation drives instead of bigger ones? Or ask for donations of time and items rather than money.


Then you also have to think about what else you can provide. Are there different ways to engage with donors? Like adding a lottery to your offering, or bringing in a round-up function on shop purchases? Introduce more ways to encourage people to donate their money, especially if they get something out of the exchange.


“Are we susceptible to cyber threats?”

Cyber security has never stopped being a priority, but 2023 could be the year you really want to pay attention to it. During a cost-of-giving crisis, the last thing you want is a data breach that shakes confidence in your charity.


While it might mean an upfront cost to sort it out, ensuring you’re safe in the event of a cyber attack is hugely important. It will save you the headache down the line. So ask yourself where there might be gaps in your protection. Do you have a lot of staff working remotely? Then you need to consider that their home Wi-Fi systems might not be secure. Do staff know the best safety practices? If not, then training might be in order.


2023 might be difficult in ways we aren’t used to. But that doesn’t mean we can’t weather the storm. By asking yourself these questions now and preparing for what’s to come, you can be a resilient, effective charity that’s ready to thrive.


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