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18th August, 2022

3 tips to better manage your charity shop’s stock

For any retail business, stock control is essential. To be as profitable as possible, you need to know what stock you currently have and what your customers are buying most. And this is no different for charity retailers. Except you also have to rely on the donations of others. So...

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11th August, 2022

3 ways to keep your staff committed to your cause

The Great Resignation is a term that originated in Spring 2021 and has since dominated the world of work. Thanks to the unique stressors of the COVID-19 pandemic, and rising staff expectations, there’s been an upward trend of people leaving their current positions and searching for pastures new. In fact,...

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4th August, 2022

Questions to ask yourself when creating your digital strategy

Driven by the pandemic, we’ve seen a fantastic rise in charities creating a digital strategy. According to the Charity Digital Skills Report, 60% now have a digital strategy in place, which is great to see. But this also means that 40% don’t have anything, which is concerning as digital skills...

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28th July, 2022

Four common problems that are slowing your volunteers down

What do your charity shop volunteers get up to in their day to day? They turn up for the day, open up the shop, man the tills, organise the stock, and take donations. Maybe it’ll be a relatively quiet and peaceful day. Other times it might be hectic with people...

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21st July, 2022

The future of volunteering

The dust is settling on the pandemic and lockdowns, and we can finally see where the third sector currently is. It’ll come as no surprise that this drastically changed how charities operated, but it’s only now that we can get a full view of what this means. Thanks to various...

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14th July, 2022

How to improve your charity’s internal communication

In our last blog, we talked about storytelling and improving communication with your audience. And not long before that, we covered how you can better engage with Gen Z. But what about your own staff and volunteers? Communicating with them is just as important. Everything we said about people outside...

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7th July, 2022

How your charity can use storytelling to boost engagement

Amongst all the fundraising, charity drives, and general day-to-day jobs, it can be easy to forget what makes each charity so special. At the heart of everything you do is a good story. It could be the story of why you were founded, or the stories of the people you...

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30th June, 2022

How your charity can better engage with Gen Z

Charities can only keep doing what they do thanks to the generosity of the general public. But as we head through the years and decades, we see new generations step up and become the majority. It happened with Millennials and it’s happening now with Gen Z. These are children born...

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23rd June, 2022

Charity retail trends: is charity shopping changing?

The pandemic caused a real shake-up in the third sector. It forced charity shops to change how they operated overnight. But it brought about changes that were already happening anyway. Charity retail has been shifting for some time; it just came about sooner than expected. Now that we’re post-pandemic and...

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16th June, 2022

How your charity can be more environmentally conscious

As a charity, you’re already doing a lot of good. You’re automatically a pro-social cause, whether what you do is for the poor, the sick, animals, or anything in this vast spectrum. But when it comes to the environment, everyone in the third sector can play their part. There are...

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