3 reasons to prioritise your charity’s digital transformation in 2022

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It’s difficult to imagine the charity retail sector before technology. But while we’ve certainly made a lot of progress, there’s still a lot further for the industry to go. 60% of charities now have a digital strategy – up from 49% in 2020. That’s great news. Yet the sector still only rates itself a 5 out of 10 in terms of digital maturity.

We may know that digital tools are important for streamlining operations and getting ahead of market trends. But we still need to put this knowledge into practice and make tangible changes to their operations.

Which is why we think 2022 should be a year for charity retailers to prioritise their digital transformation. But what benefits can your charity expect?

Enhanced customer experience

Spoilt for choice with retailers to shop with, consumers are demanding more in terms of customised, personalised experiences. It’s why 71% feel frustrated if a shopping experience feels impersonal. Consumers want to feel special, seen, and appreciated by the brands they support.

And this is an area that digital transformation can help. Embracing digital tools to collect data about your customers’ shopping habits helps you to tailor your experience to their needs. It helps you provide those personalised experiences that consumers want.

It also helps you create more informed marketing campaigns and establish stronger long-term relationships with the people supporting your cause.

Increased revenue

There are many ways digital transformation can increase your revenue. From flexible fundraising efforts – such as capturing donations and Gift Aid on the move – to streamlining the Gift Aid declaration process, technology can help you squeeze more out of every day.

Offering a more personalised, efficient customer experience – like we mentioned above – can also result in more revenue. You can complete more sales in a day and secure higher customer retention. This is exactly why 71% of charities who consider themselves ‘digital experts’ report that they are optimistic about their organisation meeting fundraising targets in the next 12–18 months. Compare this to only 42% of those labelled ‘digital sceptics’.

This year, prioritising your charity’s digital transformation could be key to securing extra revenue and speeding up your COVID recovery.

Stay ahead of the curve

Finally, as the world of technology is ever-evolving, prioritising your digital transformation helps you keep ahead of the curve. New tools and technologies are being released all the time. And, in amongst all this change and development, it’s easy for organisations that don’t embrace change to fall by the wayside.

By focusing on digital transformation this year, you put your organisation in a better position to adapt and evolve alongside the wider industry. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, you can be an early adopter, helping to push the charity sector further forward into the modern, technological age.

Digital transformation in the charity sector is nothing new. If you compare the charity shops of today to those a decade ago, it’s clear to see the influence of technology. However, that doesn’t mean we should slow down. For any charity retailer looking to maximise revenue and success in 2022, embracing digital transformation continues to be key.

Nisyst’s HMRC-recognised CHARiotWeb helps you to embrace all technology has to offer. With tailored functionalities to streamline operations, maximise revenue, and improve productivity, we want to make sure 2022 is your charity’s best year yet. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch today on 01204 706 000.