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6th January, 2022

3 ways your charity can start the year strong

2022 is finally here. We don’t know about you, but we’re excited to see what it brings for the charity retail sector. While 2021 saw the industry attempting to find its feet in the new normal, we’re hopeful 2022 will bring with it more consistency and progress for the retail sector. But how...

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23rd December, 2021

3 reasons to prioritise your charity’s digital transformation in 2022

It’s difficult to imagine the charity retail sector before technology. But while we’ve certainly made a lot of progress, there’s still a lot further for the industry to go. 60% of charities now have a digital strategy – up from 49% in 2020. That’s great news. Yet the sector still only rates...

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16th December, 2021

4 charity retail predictions for 2022

It’s been a tumultuous year for the charity sector, filled with equal parts optimism and uncertainty. But we’re finally out the other side and it’s time to start looking forward to 2022. You might be wondering what to expect from the coming year. So today, we thought we’d share our charity...

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9th December, 2021

3 ways to maximise festive footfall and Christmas shopping

‘Tis the season where everyone’s feeling more generous. People are starting to slow down and reflect, and will be in the mood to give back and support a valuable cause. There’s nothing like a little festive cheer for boosting your shops’ donations and revenue. It’s also a brilliant time of year...

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25th November, 2021

Does your charity embrace change?

Something we can always count on in life is change. While planning for the future is a useful exercise to help shape your charity’s decision-making, strict plans are asking to be ruined. The charity sector is constantly changing. We’ve all seen what a sudden shift can look like and how...

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18th November, 2021

3 top tips to future-proof your charity

After two years of thinking about short-term survival, we think it’s time charities starts looking ahead. To plan for the future and think about where you’d like to be in five, ten, or twenty years’ time.   You want your charity to be around for a long time. But if...

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11th November, 2021

Are these 3 common retail challenges slowing your charity down?

In the first half of 2021, we saw a net decline of over 5,000 shops across the UK as all retailers felt the impacts of pandemic restrictions – charity shops included. But while this might not be as bad as 2020, the next year or so will continue to be touch and...

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14th October, 2021

How the cloud can help your charity

It’s no secret that the pandemic had a serious impact on the world. But the charity sector, in particular, suffered some huge blows. And to make matters worse, the demand for their services skyrocketed. To get back on track, it’s crucial that charities stay productive and continue to generate funds for...

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8th October, 2021

How to recruit more volunteers (and keep them!)

Volunteers are the lifeblood of many charity shops across the country. They’re a great way to get fresh, excited individuals into the sector and are crucial for raising much-needed funds for your cause. But during the pandemic, the number of charity shop volunteers fell by 45,000. And 35% of organisations say they have seen...

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23rd September, 2021

2 ways your charity can keep up with its digital skills

67% of charities now see digital development as a prime concern for their organisation. And it’s no surprise it’s such a priority. In 2020, 87% of the people in the UK made online purchases. And there were 3.78 billion social media users worldwide. So now seems to be the best time to get online and...

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