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As a charity shop, it’s important that you maintain a steady flow of conversation with the people who directly influence your cause; your donators. The people that donate money and items to your charity are the people who are helping you to continue doing the good work that you are.

So how can you recognise the impact that donors have had on the success of your charity?

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If you’re looking for a way to say thank you to your supporters and donors, we’ve put together some ideas for inspiration.

A Letter

You will find that a lot of charities have started to send out “thank you” letters to the people who have donated to their charity.  It doesn’t matter what size your charity is or how few or many donors you have, sending a letter is a fantastic opportunity to develop that important relationship with your supporters.

This letter should express your thanks and appreciate for their generous and continued support to your charity. Make it more personal by addressing the letter to them directly, as this show your appreciation. You should include details on what their donated gift aid items have raised and how much money was claimed by as gift aid.

Using Social Media

A lot of larger charity retailers find it much more effective to express their gratitude and appreciation using social media. By using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, charities can express their thank you to an audience en masse.

An effective way of using social media to thank donors is to create a video that shows exactly what the money from their donations is being used for. For example, Oxfam often release videos that show that communities are being rebuilt using the donations they receive.

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Send a Personal Video

For those who want to do something a little more unique than a letter but still want it to have their personal touch, we suggest sending your donors a personal video to express how appreciative you are. This doesn’t have to be anything long; a simple thank you for their support and an explanation on what they can help your charity achieve. By simply using their name, you’re involving them personally and making them feel special. This will make it stand out.

Personal touches like these are perfect for raising awareness and encouraging repeat donors. People are far more likely to donate again, if they feel like their donation has actually meant something. It also makes them more likely to get other people involved in your cause too.

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