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4 ways your charity could make recruitment easier in 2023

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Recruitment is an issue that’s on many industries’ minds right now. Problems finding the right staff are at a record high, with 76% of companies saying they’re struggling. And the charity sector will be no different. This could be down to the fact that year-on-year realised wage growth is only 3.8% for charities, compared to the 5.6% for other businesses.


Going into 2023, this could well be a year-defining issue. So how can you set yourself up for recruitment success? Outside of competitive wages, there is no magic formula. But there will be ways to make yourself sound like a more intriguing choice. Let’s take a look at how you can improve your recruitment efforts in the future.


Be unique

This may sound like a generic tip, but it’s something worth hammering home when it comes to charities. By “unique” we mean put your cause front and centre. What charities have over other businesses is that they have a social good at the heart of everything they do. And people are drawn to that. Employees who feel aligned with an employer’s values are more likely to stay and, following that logic, join an organisation.


So your job advert and recruitment efforts should make sure this has equal footing with other employee benefits. Give people a chance to have a purpose.


Expand your search

Don’t just settle for job boards. These are a great baseline, but there are other ways to get your recruitment messaging out there. You have job fairs, recruitment events, and another big one, social media.


With 53 million active social media users in the UK, that’s a lot of recruitment potential. Especially if you want to reach out to a certain demographic, such as Gen Z on TikTok. You can combine this with stories from current employees to paint a great picture of what it’s like to work with you.


Look beyond charities

When it comes to recruitment, there can be a tendency to look for people with industry-specific experience. After all, it would be good to have someone who’s familiar with how the third sector works. But if you’re willing to broaden your search, you could find people who are looking for something new.


Around half of all employees are considering a career change. And middle-aged workers are some of the most likely to do it. They could have transferable skills that would be a huge boon for your charity. For example, someone in the tech sector might be looking for something fulfilling. Your charity can fill that hole, and their tech expertise can be rolled out across your operations.


Remember your benefits

Recruitment is a two-way street. While you want any new employee to bring something worthwhile to the table, they will want you to do the same. Especially in this age where employees hold a lot of power. So ask yourself what you offer that no one else does.


Yes, there’s your cause, and that’s a great starting point. But what else? Do you offer flexible working? A real career path? A work environment that’s simple and straightforward? Think about what people want from their jobs and tailor your role around that.


Recruiting people won’t magically become easy. But with this advice in mind, you can work to increase your chances of filling those vacant slots in your charity. Keep these tips close to heart and you should have an easier time in 2023.

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