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A huge number of retailers across the globe have turned to social media as a way to promote their brand to new audiences and existing customers alike, so it’s no surprise that many charity shops are doing the same.

However, successful social media usage isn’t just about a sales approach. Done in the right way, it’s possible to increase the number of customers through your door and subsequently boost the amount of sales. Here are five top tips from us here at Nisyst.

1. Share your stories

Do you have stories of how your customers’ donations have helped particular groups or individuals? Could you interview someone who has directly benefited from the money that your shop has raised? By sharing their tale, you’ll show customers where their hard-earned cash goes, proving that whatever they spend really does make a difference.

2. Build relationships

Have you considered collaborating with popular bloggers or those who are influential on social media? By forming a partnership with people such as these, the benefits go both ways: you’ll reach out to a bigger audience and they’ll be noticed and admired for their links with charity.

3. Showcase your stock

For some, charity shops still have a negative image: rooms full of scruffy second-hand items that nobody wants. Prove to them that this isn’t the case by using social media to highlight rare, unique or beautiful items that you have in stock. From wedding dresses to collectables, it could be a great way of ensuring that someone will find the item they’ve been searching for – and spread the word about your shop as a result.

4. Keep things going

The key rule of social media is to post regularly, as a page that hasn’t been updated for a while will put people off. If you’re time-poor, there are tools such as Hootsuite that allow you to schedule tweets for specific times and days of the week.

5. Let your personality shine through

Nobody likes to see a retail social media account that feels corporate and impersonal. Be sure to add some personality to your posts and get the conversation going!

Social media can really help to boost a charity shop’s reach and even sales. If you’re looking for more sales advice from an EPoS point of view, contact us.