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Companies are constantly evolving and producing innovative ways with ideologies; and now charities are doing the same. Many individuals are working with charities and coming up with alternative ways to donate, changing and improving the way the charity works.

Over time, the digital world has become the way many of us interact, and it has also become the main source of how charities receive donations and engage with people. As a result, this has led to the development of alternative online donation platforms.

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Core Blue Creates a Fresh Approach

Core Blue is a Plymouth-based software development company that has been working on a project to help charities by providing a fresh and altruistic approach to online donations, without using a potentially costly third party. Core Blue have devised ‘Let’s Talk Charity’ – an easy to use system which bypasses the need for an external service, ensuring people can safely contribute directly through an embedded solution on the charity’s website itself.

As this system starts to operate over the coming weeks, it will envisage huge benefits for charities. Here are some of them:

  • – It saves third party involvement – the charity can immediately text or email a thank you to the individual, without going via a third party
  • – Safe and secure payment system
  • – System allows for a faster transfer of crucial Gift Aid funds
  • – Automatic submission of Gift Aid claims and a faster transfer of Gift Aid back into the charity coffers – meaning money goes quickly to where it’s needed most.

There are few charities who have made the jump to digital marketing and, with the introduction of this new system, it can help create the best practical solutions which perform exceptionally well for both the charity and the people who benefit from them. This product sets out to help raise money by encouraging people to donate online in a smart and easy to use system.


Prince’s Trust Launch New Platform

Youth charity, The Princes Trust, is opening its services to more users by launching a new web-based platform through Princes Trust Online. Being supported by Nominet and NatWest, it allows users to benefit from its programme even if they can’t attend in person, allowing you to access programmes via your smartphone, tablet or computer.

This launched platform has a digital version of the Enterprise programme, which helps young individuals turn their ideas into business reality. Princes Trust Online mirrors all parts of the Enterprise scheme, with e-learning modules covering everything from business plans to finance – uniquely combining online learning with a full e-monitoring service. Some benefits of this new service include:

  • – the quality of face to face programmes, meaning there are positive outcomes for the young people involved
  • – Expanding its programmes to those who would usually miss out due to where they live
  • – Giving young people the confidence and support they need to make their mark

New platforms are helping to get more people involved in achieving success at charities. Here at Charity Retail Systems, we are dedicated to aiding the success of charity shops through our CHARiot EPOS system.

If you would like to find out more about how we could help you, get in touch with a member of our friendly team who are more than happy to help.