As prices in shops continue to rise, it’s not surprising that charity shops are becoming a lot more popular. People are now turning to these types of stores to get original and unique items.

Many still have a negative opinion about charity shops, brushing them off as being nothing but second hand cheap clothes and old tatt that nobody wants. We’re not going to lie, a lot of the time you will walk into a charity shop and find nothing that appeals to you. However, there is plenty of opportunity to find something brilliant.

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If you’re a newbie to the charity shopping experience – don’t worry! Here are some of our best tips for having a successful shopping trip and grabbing yourself a real bargain.

Take Your Time

Shopping in a charity shop takes time and effort – you really need to hunt out the good stuff. It isn’t going to be like walking into your local Topshop or River Island in which you automatically see hundreds of things that you want to purchase.  If you’re rushing, you’re unlikely to find anything you like. So go in when you have a bit of time, and spend time browsing the rails and looking at individual items.

Try Things On

Many charity shops don’t accept returns so you definitely need to be trying items on. Things look different on the hanger than they will on person, so don’t be afraid to spend a little bit of time in the changing room.

If it’s not exactly your size, still try it on! Different brands vary with sizes and you never know what something looks like until you have put it on.

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Use Your Imagination

Don’t be put off by the fact that you’re in a charity shop – this will impair the way that you view an item. Use your imagination to picture the cute dress you’ve found in the window of your favourite shop, bet it looks more attractive now right?

You can also use your imagination to choose items that you wouldn’t normally go for. Picture wearing it with your favourite pair of jeans or layered underneath your new leather jacket. Step away from things you are comfortable with – be daring!

Visit The Shops Frequently

People are always donating items, which means that the stock in charity shops is often updated pretty regularly. Therefore, if you don’t find something that you like on one day, you should keep checking back as you might find something another day.

You should go in without any expectations – this is often the time when you find something you really like.


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