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Big name and designer brands are renowned for their use of quality materials and timeless designs. They are things that fashion lovers aspire to and covet, for most of us though, the sheer prices that they demand puts them out of reach.

This may be about to change though with a recent trend that has come to light in the form of boutique charity shops.

What are Boutique Charity Shops?

The premise of these boutique charity shops is pretty simple, pick the best of your donated items and bring them together in one place. Names such as Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, Lou Boutin and many more are available in these stores thanks to some presumably very generous donators.

Like a traditional charity shop though, these items are available at drastically marked down prices and while they may not be just a couple of quid they are far more affordable than when new. Luckily enough, our charity retail systems don’t have an upper limit and are more than able to cope.

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Where is the Nearest One?

Oxfam has recently announced that it is opening a number of Oxfam boutique charity shops across the country and maybe even in a high street near you.

Oxfam is not the only one wise to this idea though and independent boutique charity shops are popping up all over the country such as this one in Birmingham.

Will They Last?

As with the future of any business that relies on donations, only time will tell how these boutique shops last. Given the right donations from the right fashion shoppers though and these shops have the potential to do incredibly well for both shopper and charities.

If you are a lover of fashion and have noticed a boutique shop opening near you then be sure to give it a visit for some great bargains. Oh and if you are considering converting your existing charity shop into a boutique or even starting up fresh then don’t hesitate to contact us for all your retail system needs.