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Charity shops are often faced with a number of misconceptions. So, let’s take a look at some of the most common myths and how you can banish them from your shop and shoppers’ minds.



Charity Shops Will Accept Any Old Rubbish


While the majority of charity shops will accept a huge range of donations, it is important that people are aware of the types of items you will or will not accept. For example, electrical items that are broken or some items that require safety certificates are often not accepted.


How to bust the myth: make it very clear what you will and will not accept. Many charity shops have a section on their website which lists these items and you can even print instructions on donation sacks to post through letterboxes.


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They Never Sell Anything Decent


There is a common misconception that charity shops are filled with items that nobody wants. In reality, shopping in charity stores has become something of a culture in itself as many shoppers enjoy finding hidden treasures for low prices.


How to bust the myth: don’t be afraid to show off your high-ticket items. Social media can be a particularly useful tool as you are able to showcase items from well-known brands or items that you believe will be popular.


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The Clothes are Dirty


There is a common thought that any clothing items sold in charity shops are dirty and probably not fit to wear. However, donations tend to go through a strict vetting system to make sure they are appropriate for resale. If they are dirty or damaged, they are unlikely to be sold. In fact, many clothing items that are sold in charity shops are unworn and often have original tags still on.


How to bust the myth: this one can be hard to bust as those who believe it are often those who stay away from charity shops. Of course, being fastidious in the way you vet donations can help to assure shoppers that the items they choose aren’t dirty.


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Busting myths can be challenging, but there are ways in which you can help shoppers have a better understanding of charity shops. At Charity Retail Systems, we have helped a number of charity shops in their success. If you would like to find out more about how we can assist you through the use of our EPoS systems, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team. Simply call us on 01204 706 000 and we will be happy to advise you further.


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