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Charity statistics you need to know – and what they mean for you

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If you follow the news, you’ve probably seen some of the latest stories about the charity sector. Worries that the cost-of-living crisis is going to affect services. Or that donations are down across the board. It’s not good to doomscroll through these stories; you miss the positives that are out there.


We went and found some stats about the charity sector that can give you something nice to think about. They show that there’s plenty of room for positivity. So let’s look at some amazing charity statistics – and what they mean for you.


Charity statistics about the charity workforce

Did you know…


🔸 2.7% of the UK’s workforce are in the charity sector? That’s 827,000 people.

🔸 But that’s only an incredibly small percentage of the people working in charities. There are more than 21 million volunteers – that’s just under 4% of the people working in the industry.

🔸 Where would we be without our volunteers? 91% of charities rely solely on their work to keep them going.


What does that mean? If you’re thinking of making any future investments – say into your technology – your volunteers need to be at the top of your mind. Everything revolves around them when it comes to your income efforts, so ask yourself how you can make their lives easier. Do they have the tools to get their job done effectively? Is there anything slowing them down? How can you make charity shops a better place to work in?


Charity statistics about income

Did you know…


🔸 97% of charities have less than £1 million in income?

🔸 And 50% make under £10,000.

🔸 Only 0.02% of charities have income of over £100 million – and they’re making 18.4% of the sector’s income.


What does that mean? Depending on your size, you might need to make your money go further. If less people are going to be donating, then you need to think how you can reduce your monthly outgoings. For example, can you consolidate services in one solution? Do you have extra tools to help you get more money?


The answer might be in upgrading your tech. But with only 64% of charities with an income under £1 million having invested in new technology, maybe what you need is something with a manageable price point.


Charity statistics about outlook

Did you know…


🔸 81% of charity leaders feel optimistic about the future of their organisation.

🔸 But 64% are pessimistic about what role the government will play in that.


What does that mean? While government support might not be there, there’s a silver lining. Many charities are positive about their chances to support themselves. There are solutions out there that can help you take the reins and bring in more money. Ways to maximise your Gift Aid contributions. Or ways to make the most out of every donation, even rags.


Charity statistics about third-sector challenges

Did you know…


🔸 58% of charities feel generating income and achieving financial stability is going to be an issue.

🔸 30% are worried about their ability to meet demand for their services.

🔸 And 26% are concerned about the reduction in government funding.


What does that mean? The main concern of the third sector, no matter how you cut it, is income. Will they be able to generate the funds they need to deliver key services? The key is to find a solution that can tackle every challenge.


If you’re worried about generating income, you need a solution to maximise what you bring in. Something that has the flexibility to work with you no matter where you are, even on the street on a mobile device. That can help you capture funds whatever the weather, which can be used to bolster services. So if there’s an uptick in demand, you’re ready for it. And if you’re self-sufficient, you don’t need to worry as much about government funding.


The future is uncertain, and there won’t be an easy fix for every problem. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make the coming years easier for your charity. Let’s think positive and look for the solutions we need to put our best foot forward.


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