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Volunteers are the backbone of charity shops: they provide their free time to work unpaid for a cause they believe in. There is a lot of hard work involved in volunteering, and this experience can be very rewarding and help your shop to succeed.

Having volunteers with the right traits ensures that expectations are met and that your shop runs smoothly.



This is extremely important for any employee and, even though volunteers don’t get paid, they are still working for you. You need to make sure that your volunteers will get to your shop on time; it only reflects badly on you if they don’t! Volunteers can have as much responsibility as a paid worker, and they ultimately represent your shop.



Volunteering is a lot of work, and finding energetic people is essential. Great volunteers understand how demanding volunteering can be; people with low energy levels won’t be able to focus on tedious and repetitive tasks they might have to undertake. It will reflect badly on your shop and your image if volunteers constantly require to rest.


Sincerity and hard work are foundations for any job – especially when volunteering. Prospective volunteers show they care about they work by being honest and taking responsibility. Working hard and respecting not only other volunteers but also your shop customers is vital. Don’t forget you’re trusting volunteers with your resources and facilities, and they need to not take advantage of it.


Volunteering often encompasses a wide variety of tasks, and willingness to help with any needed task will improve is an important quality. Having an open mind and willingness to learn are traits that will help your charity shop make a difference.


Ultimately, passion for helping others is what should drive every volunteer: they are, after all, giving time to a cause they believe in. You can guarantee a rewarding experience, and selfless volunteers understand how important their help is. Passion is infectious, and passionate volunteers easily share their drive with others.

With both staff and volunteers in mind, here at Charity Retail Systems we develop efficient systems for charity retail shops. Our priority is to look after our customers and ensure that your organisation has a committed and reliable service you can provide your customers.

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