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October isn’t just the month of ghouls, ghosts and witches. It doesn’t just bring the expectation of pumpkins and colder days either; October, in all of its glory, is the month of National Bullying Prevention, National Down Syndrome Awareness, National Depression Awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness, ADHD Awareness, Stoptober and Oxjam.

With such a big month in the year, we’re here to tell you a little bit more about the weeks you can dedicate to your specific charity (Heads up, World Animal Day is on the 4th!)

Playful girls

Dyslexia Awareness Week 5th-11th

Dyslexia is a condition which affects 1 in 10 people and changes the way our brain understands the spoken and written word. Letters can seem backwards and jumbled up to a sufferer of the condition and sometimes, a person with dyslexia may need a little longer to understand certain concepts or ideas.

Run by the British Dyslexia Association Dyslexia Awareness Week is full of informative, entertaining events to help people make sense of dyslexia. The week will focus on how the right support and intervention can help change the lives of people with dyslexia.

Dyslexia concept

Back Care Awareness Week 7th-11th

Run by the inspirational BackCare charity, Back Care Awareness Week is aimed to help people understand the problems related to back problems, how to prevent back problems from occurring and how to treat them.

If you haven’t experienced back pain in your life you’re among the few lucky enough to know good posture. One of the messages the charity will be sending is to stand, not sit, at work. Chairs have an uncanny way of making us slouch at our desks and hours of sitting in the same position can cause back problems.

Knowing how to bend and lift heavy objects is another message. Bending with your knees instead of your back will greatly reduce your risk of pulling or damaging the muscles in your back, shoulders and spine!

Back support for muscle back

Dyspraxia Awareness Week 11th-17th

Dyspraxia affects the fine and gross motor skills of children and adults alike. Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) can make it difficult for sufferers to complete certain physical activities.

During this week the Dyspraxia Foundation will be drawing attention to dyspraxia and raising funds to help those suffering from the illness.

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National Adoption Week 19th-25th

There are hundreds of children across the country wishing for a home filled with loving, caring people to take care and look after them. Sadly, the older the child, the longer they tend to wait for an adoption, if they get adopted at all.

This month, First 4 Adoption will be highlighting the importance of adoption and asking people across the country “Is 4 years old too old?”

With another month of shoppers busily buying in Halloween costumes and preparing for the Christmas rush, you can expect a swell of customers visiting your shop. To help you keep the money you raise for your chosen charity safe and secure this month, our reliable charity retail systems are here to help.

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