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December is the busiest time of the year for retailers which will hopefully mean an increase in custom and donations made in your store. During this hustle bustle it may be a good idea to install EPoS charity retail systems which could make sales quick and easy for both your customers and staff in order to provide the most efficient service possible.

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With the Christmas rush, however, people often feel more inclined to spend money on gifts which are shiny and new, and spend little thought on those less fortunate who have very little to give this Christmas.

So in keeping with the theme of the festive season, here’s an idea that draws on the popular Secret Santa game that gives people a different perspective of the true meaning of the season.

Every year an unnecessary amount of money gets spent on Secret Santa gifts that get thrown into the back of a drawer, so why not do something a bit more worthwhile with your money this year?

Encourage people to buy their Secret Santa gifts at your store by perhaps creating a section of items that would make for ideal presents.

You could set up posters in your shop window in the run up to Christmas to encourage passers-by to think twice about where they get their gifts this year. Doris from accounts could end up with the tea set she’s always wanted or Dave from HR could receive a questionable addition to his collection of loud office ties.

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To further promote business in your store, advise people to bring an item that they may not want, but which could be the perfect present for someone else.

If you work or volunteer in a charity shop you may be aware of the other different ways that people are fundraising during the Christmas season. If there’s a particular fundraising idea that you have seen to be particularly successful amongst your donators, it might be an idea to implement similar fundraising events in-store to bring in more trade.

This gives customers the initiative to want to get involved with what you’re doing instead of rooting through their wardrobes every couple of years when they need a clear out.

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With CHARiot EPoS Solutions, the influx of stock during the Christmas season can be easily managed and any Gift Aid program that you have set up in store will be easily processed.

Implementing a Gift Aid scheme within your store can sometimes make the world of difference to people’s donations and could improve the overall operation of your store. To enquire about how our EPoS systems could provide a more efficient system for your staff and store, contact us for help and advice on 01204 706 000.