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How a cloud-based EPoS system could benefit your charity

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Running a charity is already difficult enough. You want everything to run smoothly, bring in as many donations as you can, and do some actual good in the world. But sometimes life throws curveballs at you and you need to be quick to respond.


That’s the reality facing many charities right now. The cost-of-living crisis has been a theme in many of our recent blogs, and for good reason. So now is the time to look for whatever leg-up you can find. If there’s one place to look first, it’s at your technology. It can be the key to solving or improving many issues you currently face.


Let’s take your EPoS as an example for today’s blog. If your system is older, it might not have the improvements you need to do your best. Such as being cloud-based. Why would this make a difference? Well, let’s take a look…


It can maximise your revenue

Being cloud-based gives you the kind of freedom you won’t get with a traditional system. It’s something you can take remote, if you choose. For example, say you’re running a fundraiser in the streets, away from your stores. Without a cloud-based solution, you’re not attached to your server. But with the cloud, you can access your system from anywhere. This would let your volunteers bring in donations from uncommon places.


This is particularly great for Gift Aid. There’s nothing stopping you from claiming every penny you can out of it. To make the most of your revenue, all you have to do is be a bit more creative with your new freedom.


It’s also worth mentioning how it can save you money in the long run. A cloud-based EPoS system doesn’t require you to have your own expensive server. There’s no maintenance of any on-premise hardware, no costly installation, and you don’t have to worry about physical security yourself.


Streamline your charity

This is great for when you’re out of your store, but what can a cloud-based EPoS do for you in-store? A huge benefit is how it can streamline your day to day. For volunteers, that remote capability means they can use the EPoS wherever they are in the store, provided they have a compatible device to use it. This can help ease queues or move people to more convenient parts of the store.


For head-office staff, the ease of access lets them respond in a more fluid manner. Combined with reporting capabilities, they could use the cloud-based system wherever they are to see relevant data about the performance of the shops. This allows them to work on the go and make quick, informed decisions at any time of the day. It removes any blockage to improvement and streamlines efficiency.


Better security

We alluded to it earlier, but a cloud-based EPoS solution can be safer than the alternative. While we talked about physical security, you also can’t underestimate what it does for your cyber security. Charities are a big target for ransomware attacks, and while a cloud-based system won’t prevent them completely, they can keep you that much safer.


For one, your data is not guaranteed to be lost. Cloud solutions often go hand in hand with cloud backups, meaning your data is somewhere safe for the case where you need it. It’s also not as susceptible to attacks as an on-premises server, so it’s a nice bit of extra piece of mind that your data is in good hands.


Moving to a cloud-based EPoS solution might seem like a heavy cost, but it’s one that pays for itself in convenience and efficiency. And when you spread that cost over a simple monthly fee rather than a lump sum, it can be easier on your finances. So why not commit to a smarter EPoS in 2023? One that makes your life simpler, not harder.

That’s exactly what CHARiotWeb is. This cloud-based system is designed with your charity in mind. Streamline work for your staff, take your EPoS on the go, and rest easy knowing we’ve got your security in mind. To find out more, get in touch on 01204 706000.