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There are many reasons why people choose to give to charity, like wanting to support a cause dear to their heart. In 2014, non-governmental organisations received donations from 1.4 billion people but, while that is an impressive number, some people still prefer not to contribute to charity for various reasons: they feel like reducing poverty is a governmental issue, for example, or they don’t want to give money to an institution for fear of not knowing how it’s spent.

But most opt to help others by contributing to charity: they give money, volunteer at retailers, and much more.

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Holiday season

While we all understand that some are not as fortunate as others, when holiday season comes along we’re more likely to be reminded of that fact. And not just because it’s the season of giving or it’s colder outside, but also because of the redoubled efforts of campaigns that target people’s emotions. The result is that while some people say that they’re as likely to donate money or goods to charity during the holiday season as they are throughout the whole year, many tend to mainly contribute during the holiday season.

Depends on who asks

People tend to give more to charity if they’re asked by someone close to them, like a family member or a friend. This is because giving is a social act; we donate money or goods, or volunteer with our time, because we want society to change for the better – and we want a better quality of life for others.

The same principle applies to famous people, hence the idea behind putting a recognisable face on a campaign. For example, people were more likely to match a donation if it came from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, instead of coming from an anonymous source. Charities that use celebrities, then, tend to receive more donations.

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Gender and occupation

While it’s indisputable that both genders give to charity, a few differences can be found. Women (61%) tend to donate more times than men (56%), though that doesn’t mean women always give more. And men are more likely to help a stranger. In regards to occupation, people in managerial positions were more likely to give more often and in higher amounts.

Understanding how and why people donate to charity is a vital step towards increasing donations to your own cause. If you would like to know how our charity EPoS system can help your charity, you can contact us or call us on 01204 706 000. Also, check out our Facebook and Twitter pages.