How the cloud can help your charity

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It’s no secret that the pandemic had a serious impact on the world. But the charity sector, in particular, suffered some huge blows. And to make matters worse, the demand for their services skyrocketed. To get back on track, it’s crucial that charities stay productive and continue to generate funds for their cause.


But the sector lost thousands of volunteers and income from trading is expected to drop more than 17%. The sector is struggling, but tech could just be what the sector needs to get back on its feet. One such example is the cloud. But what could it do for your charity?


Increased security


As you’ll have sensitive data such as personal information about staff, customers, and donors, ensuring it’s secure is essential. With cloud-based solutions, your charity benefits from an additional layer of physical security as it’s stored on robust, well-protected servers. Depending on the provider, they would have much more money to invest in security – something you might not be capable of with your own servers.


Many of us are also guilty of putting off updating our tech. But this can, unfortunately, leave our devices vulnerable to cyber criminals. A cloud system is more likely to update automatically, keeping you as safe as possible. This also saves you from having to wait for the help of a technician to update systems manually, which could result in significant downtime in your shops. 


Boost funds


One of the key benefits of the cloud is portability. With it, your staff are no longer confined to your brick-and-mortar stores. They can access important systems while attending events, pop-up shops, and more where they can continue to raise funds for your charity in new ways.


The cloud makes donating easier too. Your staff can go directly to donors’ houses to pick up donated items and attend events such as car boot sales where attendees can give to your cause. As the cloud is portable, staff can then sign up donors for Gift Aid to make the most out of their donation. 


Improve your shop’s performance


With the cloud, many charities can benefit from improved performance in their shops. The head office team can monitor their store’s performance – checking sales, stock, and more – wherever they are. Reporting features are crucial to driving improvement and can help take a shop from strength to strength. So having access to this at all times makes it more convenient and means you can make important decisions whenever.


The cloud can also improve the customer experience by decreasing queue time. A sudden rush of customers is commonplace in retail. But it can be stressful for both staff and customers. Let’s say a customer is signing up for Gift Aid. Usually, this would hold up the queue. But with a portable system, your staff can move elsewhere, freeing up a till, allowing the queue to keep moving.


From increasing security to helping your staff raise more funds for your cause, it’s clear the cloud has a lot to offer the charity sector. And as the world shifts towards a digital-first approach, it’s essential charity retail can stay ahead of the curve.


Nisyst’s cloud-based EPoS system, CHARiotWeb, can help your charity stay ahead of the curve while making your staff and volunteers lives easier. For more information, or to book a demo, get in touch today on 01204 706 000.