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The way your charity shop floor is organised will determine how your customers view your shop and how much time they want to spend in it. The layout can increase sales, depending on how you take advantage of the season of the year, the events going on in your town, or the items you have in your shop. You can try new, fun ways of engaging your customers by organising your shop floor in a creative way.

Organise by Colour

Why not organise your clothes, for example, by colour? It makes for a fun clothing display that catches anyone’s eye, and it makes it easier for your customers to find their favourite clothes faster. Have accessories close by to complement the look!

Have a Theme

Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are all events you can use as inspiration for your charity shop. You can use colours and items to illustrate the event. Take Father’s Day as an example:

Do feature clothes from the Men’s Section, with outfit suggestions.

Do have book suggestions for Father’s Day in a featured display.

Do make a Father’s Day goody bag with a few staples a dad needs on his special day, like a great tie, a special mug, and a good book.

Don’t limit yourself, be creative! Customers love visual presentations of items.

Don’t have the display at the back of the shop; the shop window is a great place for a themed display!

Don’t run out of items. Make sure to keep replacing items as you sell them, so there are no empty spaces in your display.

Keep it Fresh

Like any other shop, customers can get tired of the same items being on display whenever they visit. It’s good to rotate displays and items on a frequent basis. Make sure to take note of when you’ve put your items up with a date system; it’s easy and quick to instate, just write the number of the week on them!

Having highlighted displays is always a good way of introducing new products. You can set up a table display where you feature books by author, clothes by season, or other items by colour or similar function.

Make it Fun

Add fun descriptions to your items!

  • – Have short, funny descriptions for your books.
  • – If you have a big shop, why not have creative signs to lead the way?
  • – Add interesting facts about your items, like when they were invented.

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