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With prom only a few months away, it’s time to start thinking about how you can organise your charity shop to market your products for prom. Dresses and suits can be very expensive, and many students might want to buy cheaper options.

The way you organise and decorate your shop will help your customers find what they need more quickly, and a good window display will attract their attention and make them want to come inside your shop. Find creative ways of arranging your accessories in your shop and it becomes even more tempting!

Window Display

Select a beautiful dress and a handsome suit to display on your shop window. Mannequins will allow you to show off how nicely the clothes will look on your customers, and you can be creative by having a story; why not create a prom environment for your display?

You can decorate your window by hanging bunting, adding confetti on the window display floor, and setting up fairy lights for a gorgeous ambience. You can continue your decoration style inside your shop and transform it into a prom experience.

Shop Floor

Your shop floor needs to reflect prom season, too. If your customers go inside your shop after seeing your window display, and are unable to promptly find what they need, they might leave feeling very disappointed.

Organise your shop floor with decorations you used in your window display, to continue the prom theme. Have a sign near your prom items so that customers can find them easily; display all prom dresses, suits, and accessories together in a simple way. You can organise them by colour or by size, and make your shop a prom heaven.


Both girls and boys need classy accessories to complete their outfit. When organising your items, avoid displaying them in a way that will look crowded. Spreading them out evenly will look more organised and more appealing.

For girls, you can display clutch bags, necklaces, bracelets, and shoes. You should choose necklaces with simpler designs so they can be easily matched with earrings. For boys, you can display shoes, ties and bow ties, and belts.

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