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As the summer retreats and autumn arrives, it is time to give your retail premises a little facelift. Autumn offers plenty of new opportunities for retailers, and here at Nisyst, we’ve put together some ideas that may help you to make the most of the new season.

Entice customers with seasonal window displays

Your window displays are the first impression that many customers have of your store, so make it count. Clothing in seasonal colours, as well as warm clothes including hats and coats, will be at the fore in terms of what your customers are searching for.

Be creative too – you could collect autumn leaves and pinecones from your garden to dress up the display or consider adding pumpkins around Halloween time. Remember to keep it fresh by giving customers something new to look at each time they walk past.

Make it easy for people to find seasonal trends

With the summer behind us, items such as swimwear, outdoor toys and flip flops should be relegated to a less prominent place in your shop. Consider creating a display for fancy dress costumes if you have enough to offer – with Halloween around the corner, they’ll be an easy sell.

Dedicate one particular area to hats, scarves, coats and consider making blankets, throws, candles and other cool weather items more prominent. By rearranging your store, you’ll increase your sales opportunities.

Lure customers in with themed displays

Consider introducing themes to your displays around important autumn events. Bonfire Night is looming, so why not create a display of everything customers could need for a Bonfire Night party? As well as warm clothing, this could include crockery and serving dishes.

For Halloween, consider displaying costumes, buckets that could be used for trick or treating, plus any relevant children’s books, along with horror films on DVD or Blu-ray. You’ll come to be known for your themed displays for big occasions, meaning that customers may think of you first when it comes to Christmas or Easter.

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