Charity shops work because they can sell items, such as clothing, toys and jewellery, and give it a second life, which means that most shops receive a wide variety of clean and functional donations that can be arranged to match the summer season. Keeping your shop looking sensational and summery may not be essential, but it can certainly drive the sales up – just as preparing it for prom season does!

After all, right now your customers are searching for anything related to summer, be it a hat, a bathing suit or a glass for their homemade iced tea, so it pays to ensure that they can find exactly what they’re looking for as soon as they step into your shop.

Have a Great Window Display

Window shopping is something that almost everyone does, as people do judge a book by its cover – it’s more likely for customers to enter your shop if they like the window display! This means that your window display should be clean and well-organised, showcase the best summery items you have on stock, and have proper decorations to make the products stand out.

But because we’re already in summer, you probably already did all of this! Maybe you set the perfect scene and created a beach summer party through the use of bright and bold colours, maybe you arranged clothes so they formed a rainbow.

No matter what you chose to do, the most important thing is to be unique and creative, so that you can surprise your customers and attract their attention. A great example of how this can be accomplished is by keeping things fresh – your customers will get used to seeing the same display, so change things up by setting a different scene or adding different decorations.

Have Sections in the Shop

You don’t need to refurbish your entire shop to fit a summer theme. On the contrary, merely segmenting it into different areas can offer you plenty of benefits, so place everything related to this season there.

Not only will your floor space be organised, but it’ll be easier for customers to find everything they’re looking for that way, be it a dress for the beach or a stunning array of accessories. You can even add summer decorations, such as banners, paper lanterns and garlands, so that your charity shop can have that summer look and feel that customers seek!

However, summer won’t stay around forever, and with school just about to start, you can also completely scrap the summer theme and go with a ‘back to school’ concept. This way you’ll be able to showcase new items and create more scenes revolving around them.

So, if you have a lot of items that you think can fit into a summer or school concept well (or any other concept) and want your entire shop to reflect that, then just sort everything out according to theme. For example, have all mannequins dressed in light dresses or school uniforms in order to showcase the products you have, and be sure to keep them all in categories (so that shirts will stay with shirts, hats with hats, etc).

At Nisyst we want to help you create the perfect charity shop, so we offer a range of technological solutions that can meet your needs and those of your customers – book a demo with us to learn how our EPoS systems can help you!