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Donating money to charities helps the running of many businesses and shops, creating a more profitable and efficient operation. It can often be a slow process, but with this in mind, Charity Digital News has reported an application that makes it easier to donate money to charity, which has won first place at Microsoft’s ‘Imagine Cup’ final. Below, we can take a look how this will be useful for helping charities.

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How Does It Help Charities?

The creative new app, Donaco, uses artificial intelligence that places pop up boxes next to relevant news articles, allowing readers to instantly give money to that cause. This easier method of donation increases the speed of donating drastically which in turn, can increase the profits for that charity.

The team behind the app are hoping it will not only lead to more money being given to charity, but for it to also give news outlets new ways to engage with readers. With readers being more aware of a charities cause, it increases the chances of donation.

What is the Imagine Cup?

A global competition run by Microsoft, the Imagine Cup is aimed at developing the next generation of science computer experts. By using their passion for technology, young developers are encouraged to build applications with the potential to change the way we live. This is a great way to help the future of technologies, constantly improving and evolving the ways charities work.

QBuster App

Our recently launched QBuster app increases efficiency and helps cut queues. Our CHARiot customers can benefit from this secure and easy to use platform, as it helps staff and volunteers to ensure maximum capture of donor’s goods, whilst also increasing Gift Aid contributions.

Like the Donaco app, it is a faster way to donate to your charity shop. By replacing standard donor forms, it provides a bag drop functionality allowing staff and volunteers to register new donors anywhere in-store, thus taking away the pressure from the till and cutting out the need for paperwork.

By improving the efficiency, this app offers a unique shopping experience, increasing the level of customer service. If you would like to find out more about our app and the other services we provide, please get in touch with a member of our team today!