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So you might have survived the Christmas sales with amazing results but what about the January sales? While we hope you’ve all had a fantastic festive holiday, providing EpoS systems for charity shops has shown us how important it is for you to hit the January sales head on if you want your 2016 to start off productively.

To help you make the most out of the January sales, we’ve come up with four effective ways to help you move your stock.

Prepare Your Stock for Sale

While you may rely on the general public bringing in donated clothes and belongings for sale, it’s your job to maximise their worth in order to make the most for your chosen charity. Sometimes, however, no matter how you present a certain item of clothing, a book or a children’s toy you may find that the item just isn’t shifting.

One way for you to prepare for the January sales- when the high street stores will be reducing their prices- is by selecting these unmoving items and lowering their price. Doing this before January will help you prepare the rest of your store for the shoppers. 


Set a Goal for Yourself

One way to help you move your stock (believe it or not) is by setting yourself a goal. Take a look through your records and to see how much you made last January and then make the decision of whether or not you want to beat those figures. By raising the bar a little you- and your staff- will have a greater incentive to sell as much of your stock as possible during the sales. 


Set Up Your Store

It seems to be a common expectation that the January sales bring racks upon racks of jumbled up clothing. There’s nothing more off putting for a shopper than finding a jumble of clothes with no order to them. Before you open for the January sales, why not move around your store? Place the items in the sale at the front of your store and items not in the sale towards the back. This way your customers are more likely to spend time in your store searching through the sales items before moving onto non-sales items improving your chances of a profitable sale! 


While there are many ways for you to prepare your store for start of 2016, we’d like to help you keep track of your stock and sales with effective, reliable EpoS systems. For more information about our systems, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01204 706 000 or, if you’d like to keep up with our latest news and updates, you can also follow and like our FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter pages!