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Before you ask, yes we’re aware that it’s only November – and early November at that. But we’re also very aware that many people like to get their Christmas card shopping done early, so that when Christmas plays on the mind of masses more heavily, you’ll already have your cards written and ready to send. It also helps that you’ll get first dibs on the best cards on the market.

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Some of the best Christmas cards can be found in charity shops, and while people might opt to buy their cards from a regular card shop, or from a known manufacturer, there is no reason why everyone shouldn’t be buying their Christmas cards from a charity – ‘tis the season of charity and good will to all, after all.

In the UK, close to 2 billion Christmas cards are sent and about 30% of these include a charitable donation. Within that number, the amount of money that actually goes to the charity varies enormously, so how do you know which ones to buy to ensure that a sizeable donation reaches the charity?

Well, by law each charity that registers to sell Christmas cards has to state the percentage of funds which will make it to their designated cause, and this information is normally displayed very clearly on the back of the card, so be sure to check this when you’re buying your cards – it’s nice to know how helpful you’re being right?

Christmas charity cards also need to state:

  • – Which charities or charitable causes will benefit when you purchase a pack of their Christmas cards.
  • – How many charities will benefit from the purchase of such cards – there can be more than one – and also the proportions by which each charity benefits.
  • – How much of the proceeds will actually make it to the charity, charities or causes. An accurate amount or a fair estimate ought to be given as well.

Where to buy your Christmas cards?

Today, charity shops are becoming more and more popular, which means that many now sell their own Christmas cards. This way, the charity can often receive the most money from the sales of the cards. So, next time you’re in a charity shop, be sure to be on the lookout.

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You can often also order the cards from the charity’s website – Google your favourite charity to check whether they have any cards that you can buy.

Happy shopping!

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