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Christmas is one of the busiest and most profitable times of the year for retailers. It’s important that your charity shop is ready for the coming holidays, so that it can take advantage of everything the season has to offer.

After all, the usual boost in sales is not something to be ignored: in the UK, 2015 saw a monthly average of £32.2 billion in retail sales, with December alone showing a boost of 30.7% ─ or £44.8 billion. Taking advantage of this festive season is not optional for retailers, including charity shops; it’s mandatory.

But how exactly can you use Christmas to your advantage in your charity shop?

Holiday Promotions

A large part of Christmas sales in the UK (85.9%) take place in physical stores. Start promoting any special offers you intend to have during this gift-giving season early to better your chances of attracting a large number of shoppers. After all, customers are looking for great deals when Christmas shopping!

Display the Right Products

Knowing what to stock can be challenging and varies from shop to shop. Certain things, like clothes and toys, tend to sell the most in charity shops – and, of course, seasonal items.

Seasonal products can fly off the shelves during the festive season, but if you don’t sell out before Christmas, you might find it challenging to do so until the following year. A great way to make sure you can sell most of your Christmas stock is by looking at what items did well the year before. Then you can use this as a guide to decide what to have on display in the shop.

Decorate the Shop

Adding festive decorations to the shop is vital during the festive season. You can create beautiful Christmas window displays with baubles and lighting, as these can also help you showcase your seasonal items.

It’s vital that you are ready for the Christmas holidays in order to make the most out of it in terms of profit. We can help you take advantage of the festive period with our EPoS systems – book a demonstration today and see what CHARiot can do for you.