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When people walk into a charity shop, they’re usually drawn to some items more than others. This means that you may have merchandise that sells particularly well and items no one seems to want.  Knowing what’s popular can help you stock your shop accordingly and make a bigger profit. But how can you know what will sell the most in your shop?


Seasonal Items


While people donate all kinds of items during the year, make sure you only pick out the most relevant ones to put on sale. Stocking the shop with Easter merchandise may not get you the best results with Halloween approaching.

Likewise, you shouldn’t miss out on seasonal items all together, which means that stocking certain items at the wrong time of year is not the only mistake you can make. After all, if you don’t even invest in seasonal displays or ensure your clients have plenty of seasonal items to choose from, you can miss out on serious business during that period.

Children’s Toys


Stocking children’s toys in your charity shop tends to appeal to more than one demographic, as both children and adults are interested in them.  The best thing about these items is that they never go out of fashion either.




Some of the best-sellers in charity shops are clothes, especially vintage. There’s something about browsing around a shop and finding real gems, especially if the clothes are of good quality. Sometimes the donations include damaged or dirty clothes, so make sure that you only put the best on display.

Being aware of popular demand is likely to help you achieve the sales you desire. While it’s impossible to tell for sure whether an item will sell well or not, you can still have an idea of what people want. Stocking those items and pricing them accordingly can help you boost sales and ensure the continuous success of your charity shop.