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Giving to charity is an act of kindness and just one person can inspire thousands more to help make a difference. Charities exist for many reasons, but often they are there to support, comfort and provide a service to people in need. People tend not make giving a part of their lives, but there are also many who give to charity regularly. So why do these people generously opt to donate?

Making an Impact


People who give to charity may feel that they can make a difference. This could be because they were moved by someone’s story. Others have been raised by their parents to give to charity regularly and there are others who just feel that this is a chance to do something good for the benefit of others.

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Close to Home


People often give to charities they have a personal connection with, particularly if the charity has done something to help them, a family member or a friend. Perhaps someone in the family was diagnosed with cancer or it may be that someone they know has heart problems.

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Whatever the reason, this is often the starting point for many people who make the decision to give money to help out their chosen charity and can often lead to helping raise more money.



Some people shop for clothes and homeware in charity shops to save some money, whereas others may be looking for more vintage items or hidden gems. Not only is this a good way to save money, but it also means that the money they do spend goes towards helping a good cause and they may find something that they have been looking for whic may not be easy to locate and buy.

People have many motivations as to why they visit a charity shop, yet regardless of whether it’s to grab a bargain or purchase a rare or vintage outfit, the buying experience has two-fold benefit. You get what you want and the charity receives valuable income. A way to maximise this is by choosing items that have been ‘Gift Aided’ – where an additional 25p can be claimed on every £1 paid.

Charity shops can appeal to potential donors by keeping their shop up to date with the latest styles and fashions, where possible, and people can make the most of their donations by making sure that they opt for Gift Aid, where possible.

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