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Hospices rely on the enthusiasm and generosity of donors who want to share what they have and thus donate money to them. However, did you know that despite the fact that retail Gift Aid is worth £60 million per year, much of this is lost? Well, sadly this is because of poor management of Gift Aid Collection.

To avoid this and make sure all the money goes where it’s most needed, there is nothing better than using the CHARiot system.

  1. 1. User Friendly

Many software systems are quite demanding and they ask a lot from their users. This may confuse and sometimes even discourage volunteers. This is not the case of CHARiot, though, as we have designed it with the users in mind. That is why CHAriot requires just minimal key strokes before any sale and no extra admin at all. For us, the most important thing is that volunteers feel comfortable when using our software so they can focus their efforts on what they love doing best: helping others.

  1. 2. Effective

What makes CHARiot essential for any hospice is that its FSM function will maximise your Gift Aid revenue. This is because sales must have their FSM code scanned to be processed. In this way, you will be always able to manage and control the money flow. This will allow you to create new strategies to save and in even grow the amounts you are receiving.

  1. 3. Versatile

Are you already using an EPoS system? Don’t worry, changing to CHARiot requires almost no trouble! Our expert team will come directly to your business to help you do a smooth transition. In no time you’ll be so pleased with CHARiot that you’ll wonder why you ever used anything else!

  1. 4. Supportive

When you purchase our CHARiot EPoS system from us, we want you to know that this is not the only time we will be in touch with you. In fact, we are able to provide you, your staff and volunteers with in-depth training on our software to make sure you are making the most of it.

Besides, should you ever experience the slightest problem with it we will give you in-house support seven days a week. We guarantee you a next day visit directly to your company if your problem requires it. You won’t ever feel disappointed with CHARiot. 

  1. 5. No Commission

You will be very pleased to know that CHARiot will help you track every single movement in your account. It will also come with back office scanners and printers for Gift Aid with integrated chip and pin. But the best thing is that we won’t take any sort of commission. You will be receiving 100% of your Gift Aid. 

Do you want to have a free demonstration on how CHARiot can bring enormous benefits to hospices? You can have that and even an initial consultation with our expert team to address your specific situation. Contact us today and we will be delighted to help!