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3 ways to keep your staff committed to your cause

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The Great Resignation is a term that originated in Spring 2021 and has since dominated the world of work. Thanks to the unique stressors of the COVID-19 pandemic, and rising staff expectations, there’s been an upward trend of people leaving their current positions and searching for pastures new.


In fact, research by CIPD found that 3.2% of the UK workforce switched jobs between April and June 2021. And still to this day, according to Microsoft, 43% of employed people say they are likely or extremely likely to change jobs within the next year. But what does this mean for the third sector?


Charity retailers rely on the hard work of staff and volunteers to secure critical revenue for their causes. Where would you be without the people working hard day in and day out to keep your shops running smoothly? And now, as well as worrying about initial recruitment, you’ve also got to think about how to retain your staff long-term. We want to help. Today, we’re covering three simple ways to keep your staff committed to your cause. 


Focus on wellbeing

The pandemic brought important conversations surrounding mental health to the foreground for a lot of organisations. Employees have realised they don’t need to work themselves to the bone to get ahead. Which is probably why 17.3% of people say they left a job recently due to burnout or needing a break. To keep staff on-board, you need to be able to demonstrate that wellbeing, mental health, and work-life balance are all a priority to your charity. 

This might involve offering more flexibility to staff, providing different working patterns or remote working where possible. It also means establishing and maintaining open lines of communication where staff feel able to share any concerns they’re currently facing. You want to build a culture of trust where all staff feel valued, heard, and taken care of. 


Offer growth opportunities

No one wants to feel stagnant in their role. And this makes it essential to offer staff room for development and growth. This obviously includes the big career moves such as promotions or pivoting to a different department. But it’s also about the smaller, day-to-day growth opportunities. 


Where possible, give your staff autonomy over what they do and learn on a daily basis. Let them focus on the responsibilities they’re most passionate about. Make improvement and development a constant, consistent aspect of your operations. Encourage all staff and volunteers to challenge themselves, try new things, and evolve within their position. 


Lean into their sense of purpose

In a recent survey, 17.4% of people say they left a job for one that is more personally rewarding. As people, we like to feel we’re part of something bigger than ourselves and are having a positive impact. Luckily, as a charity, you’re already in a brilliant position to tap into your staff’s sense of purpose. But, if you’re looking to keep your staff inspired for even longer, consider leaning into this even more. 


Stay fully transparent with staff about where your charity is headed and why you’re making any changes along the way. By bringing them along for the journey, you help them feel personally involved in the future of the cause. You can also ask for regular feedback and opinions about your services and operations. The more you involve staff in large or behind-the-scenes decisions, the deeper their connection to your charity will be.


Thanks to the pandemic, staff all over the globe feel empowered to expect more from their employers. And this is no different for charity retailers. To retain the staff that keep your shops running smoothly, you need to remain an employer of choice. 


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