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Charity trends you need to be ready for in 2023

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The year is almost over. 2022 is leaving as quickly as it came, and it has, at times, felt like the year has raced ahead. It was a markedly different year from the ones that came before it. The focus seemed to be on getting back to the way it was prior to 2020, and we’re pretty much there.


But now is the time to think about the year ahead. What will 2023 hold for the third sector? Who knows exactly. But we can expect to see some bubbling trends from 2022 blow up in the coming months. Here are some charity trends we think we’ll be seeing a lot of in the new year.


The cost-of-living crisis is going to affect us

There will be many knock-on effects of what is being called the “cost-of-living crisis”. Due to the ballooning prices of many common goods – partly exacerbated by the war in Ukraine – living has gotten that bit more expensive for us all. And this means people have less money to donate to charities.


It’s been dubbed the “cost-of-giving crisis” to reflect this drop in fundraising. So what can you do to alleviate this? It’s going to mean looking at diversifying your income where you can. You can’t rely on all the old methods.


Here’s an example of how you can shift gears. Many donors will have a rolling monthly payment of a set amount. And it’s not always simple to adjust this as you need to month-to-month. So why not look at flexible giving – allowing people to choose exactly how much they donate each month. This way, you don’t lose their funding altogether if all they can afford is £5 instead of the usual £20 every now and then.


You could also look into micro-giving opportunities. Instead of trying to draw in bigger donations, encourage people to give a £1 here or there. You’ll be surprised at how quickly that builds up.


We’re going even more digital

One of the biggest charity trends during the pandemic was the shift to digital. With in-person events off the table, charities had to lean on digital events, which required an influx of volunteers with specific digital skills. Now that in-person events are back in action, it doesn’t mean these digital requirements are going anywhere.


In fact, we’re guessing that they’re only going to become more vital. Yes you might have your in-person event, but how is it being marketed on social media? How can you hybridise it to allow people from further away to still attend digitally? Does it have the best website or advertising it could? These skills are still going to let you be at your best.


So we may still see a lot of people choosing to volunteer their skills rather than work in shops or at donation drives. Especially if people are giving less; this might be how they decide to give to your cause. And don’t forget about micro volunteering; sometimes people can only give a few hours of their time, and that’s great. Make use of it!


Cybersecurity will be more important than ever

Of course, the more you lean on tech and digital solutions, the more susceptible you are to cyber threats. 2023 is the year to be proactive with your cyber security. Don’t wait for a breach to happen – get it sorted now.


With the cost-of-giving crisis, it’s easy for this to slip through the cracks. For it to fall down on your list of priorities. But that leaves you at your most vulnerable. 68% of charities say they handle sensitive user data, and 50% know they are likely or very likely to suffer a cyber attack. And while 61% have a plan ready for such an attack, 78% of trustees don’t know what their cyber strategy is. So there’s a clear disconnect that needs addressing, and this coming year is the time to do it.


While there might be plenty to worry about in 2023, we believe these charity trends show there is even more to be excited about. If you plan ahead, take advantage of all the skills available to you, and prepare for any cyber threats, there’s no reason the next 12 months can’t be yours for the taking.

Start 2023 the right way. Something that holds many charities back is outdated technology. It can be slow, inefficient, and vulnerable to attacks. Make sure your EPoS system isn’t hindering you. To find out more about our CHARiotWeb solution, get in touch on 01204 706000. Even better, why not book a demo today?