Month: July 2021

22nd July, 2021

Top 3 social media fundraising campaigns

Social media certainly has a way of stealing away our attention and turning us into zombies as we scroll through. But every now and then, social media comes through in brilliant ways, from raising awareness of diseases and the charities that help them, to encouraging donations that result in billions....

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15th July, 2021

How tech can help you maintain brand loyalty

A company is nothing without its customers. No matter the business, customer loyalty is always one of the most important factors. You want to deliver a service that keeps them coming back again and again. You want them to look at your brand and believe in it. For a charity...

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8th July, 2021

Are these 3 factors eating into your charity’s time and productivity?

We’re all familiar with the uphill battle faced by charity shops over the past few months. They have the massive task of attempting to catch up with almost a whole year of forced downtime and upping productivity again. Now’s the time where the sector has to roll up its sleeves,...

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