Month: November 2021

25th November, 2021

Does your charity embrace change?

Something we can always count on in life is change. While planning for the future is a useful exercise to help shape your charity’s decision-making, strict plans are asking to be ruined. The charity sector is constantly changing. We’ve all seen what a sudden shift can look like and how...

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18th November, 2021

3 top tips to future-proof your charity

After two years of thinking about short-term survival, we think it’s time charities starts looking ahead. To plan for the future and think about where you’d like to be in five, ten, or twenty years’ time.   You want your charity to be around for a long time. But if...

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11th November, 2021

Are these 3 common retail challenges slowing your charity down?

In the first half of 2021, we saw a net decline of over 5,000 shops across the UK as all retailers felt the impacts of pandemic restrictions – charity shops included. But while this might not be as bad as 2020, the next year or so will continue to be touch and...

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4th November, 2021

4 simple ways to improve the customer experience in your charity shops

74% of people will make a purchase based on the customer experience alone. And 91% won’t hesitate to leave. As harsh as it might sound, it’s the psychology of how people shop. And no matter your cause, it will play a part in how people interact with your charity shops. So...

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