Month: March 2022

31st March, 2022

4 problems a charity retail manager might face – and how to solve them

The general public only sees one side of charities. The side that has shops on our streets, fundraisers in our communities, and adverts on our TVs. But behind all of that, as you know, is an intricate machine that keeps everything running. If you’re a charity retail area manager, you know...

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24th March, 2022

What digital transformation looks like in the charity sector

The COVID-19 pandemic sent shockwaves through the charity sector. Previous ways of working and fundraising weren’t viable anymore. But fewer than 20% of charities felt they were ready to fundraise effectively online. When it came to digital transformation, it was now or never. Fast forward a few years and we’re coming out of...

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17th March, 2022

4 pandemic charity trends we don’t think are going anywhere

The past two years have highlighted the incredible generosity of the UK. Despite 44% of people experiencing money worries, £11.3 billion was donated to charities in 2020, up from £10.6 billion in 2019. During hard times, it was great to see people coming together. But life was very different. Charity shops were closed, money...

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10th March, 2022

3 signs your charity has outgrown its EPoS system

Choosing the right EPoS system is a big decision for any charity. Gone are the days of manual cash registers; the world of retail is increasingly digital. And your EPoS is now the central hub for most of your operations. Between providing a premium customer service and helping to make the...

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7th March, 2022

3 ways to attract new volunteers

What is a charity without its volunteers? They’re so much more than a resource. Volunteers keep your operation running smoothly. They help you foster local relationships and raise awareness. Providing feedback on services and operations, they uncover ways you can be better. And they’re just all-round great ambassadors for your...

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